How Many Kills on Average Does an Outpost Need to Make Overdrive Worth it?

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I've played around with overdrive a little, but I don't know the math well enough to know the exact cut off point. I figure a base that gets at least 4 kills on average is worth putting into overdrive, but if anyone knows the exact math, I'd appreciate it.


  • konchok
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    I don't know the exact amount. But when you consider the fact that an a base in Overdrive will get fewer raiders then for it to be worth it the number of deaths is probably more than 4 kills on average. I would guess that it's probably around 5 or 6 kills. Personally I wouldn't run it unless my kills were greater than 10.

  • Dreamnomad
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    The way I was thinking is if killing a raider gives 100 gen mat then doubling it would mean 3 kills = 600 gen mat and if they take 300 of yours then you break even with 3 kills right? So 4 kills is a little profit. Though you have to factor in that losing gen mat also decreases the active time of the outpost. How much more gen mat would you get if your outpost was active longer? But then you have to factor in the people who die a lot and then quit which is pure profit.

  • MadMoeZel
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    a minimum of 4 for overdrive 5+ is advised.

    killing a raider does give 100 genmat, overdrive doubles it to 200. the issue is that the genmat they stealin overdrive comes from your genmat pool. and the math on that is that each successful raid reduces your outposts lifespan by about 46 minutes. which is why the reccomendation of 5+. with the ammount of raids currently happening that 46 minutes is trivial, but if the raid count were to quadruple over time, and the ammonut of sucessful attempts also went up as a result, then we would see an overall loss of productivity. so as raid quantity increases, so too will the kill threshold for what is valuable on overdrive because of how many raids you might lose due to shortened timer.

    tldr; 4 is okay, 5+ should be on overdrive