Inconsistent Interactions Between HRV and Holocube

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First wave and second wave holocube and HRV seems to not be handled correctly.


When a holocube is used without modifications, HRV will ignore it as a pathing floor, showing that it does not calculate it as a valid floor block. However if the second wave modification is used on the holocube HRV WILL treat it as a valid floor until the second wave is triggered. Using this logic one would assume that HRV is aware of the fake block and will only treat it as a solid block if the player will not reveal it (when second wave mod is used). This assumption would be incorrect.

When wall calculations are performed HRV will calculate ALL holocube blocks as walls regardless of second wave mod or masquerade mod. This seems inconsistent with how HRV treats holocubes as floors.

This limits creativity, as it stops builders from creating a different path for the HRV to follow after the genmat is collected and restricts basically any interesting ideas of using holocubes to make the HRV path alter between raid states.


A holocube with no mods should be treated as not being there by HRV for both walls and floors

A holocube with second wave should be treated as a solid block by HRV for both walls and floors, but should be treated as not being there after the genmat is collected

A holocube with masquerade should be treated as being a solid block by HRV for both walls and floors until it is revealed by the player

A holocube with both second wave and masquerade should be treated as a solid block by HRV for both walls and floors until it is revealed by the player AFTER they have collected the genmat.

When HRV pathing takes it through a holocube, the holocube should be revealed as HRV passes through


These changes will allow builders more creativity with their paths and allow for more interesting ways to manipulate HRV pathing, which will result in more interesting dungeon designs. This will also make HRV pathing more consistent with how guards treat holocubes.

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    Well, 2 quick things to consider you might have gotten wrong.

    1. Second wave cubes are "Bedrock" they're not "Solid holocubes", so Harvey does indeed find a path on bedrock, however he still needs a Main path thats not connected through trap blocks.

    This makes it possible to make a fake path out of Second wave corrosive cubes and holocubes and trick harvey into walking a fake "Main" path, but the proper path still exists somewhere so Harvey can still come back to the dropship

    2. Masquerade are not solid blocks, they're blocks that prevent entities from physically touching them until they disappear.

    From memory, It stops patrols, cancel falling patrols from even working, and obviously does not allow Harvey to walk on it, because it's not a solid block, it's a Patrol blocker.

    Essentially, Harvey treats trap cubes as trap cubes, unless they turn into Bedrock through 2nd wave.

    edit ; The reason harvey doesn't walk through holocube is because he would just trigger all of them and make all holocubes on his path redundant, essentially wasting capacity on a trap that could've killed.

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    Well Harvey does path through trap blocks, as they will walk through block space taken up by impalers / pistons.

    Additionally, masquerade's purpose is to make enemies treat the holocube as a block to AI, otherwise they are treated as a trap (impalers / pistons taking up pathway space)

    Basically the way I see it HRV treats all holocubes as if they have masquerade on them. If a holocube has second wave HRV can still path over it on the first block as normal, and it will never path over holocubes that it can reveal as it treats those as open spaces. As for the issue you mentioned, HRV will only reveal holocubes if they actively occupy the pathway to or from the genmat, but you could add masquerade to the holocube to stop HRV from revealing these traps.

    The changes I am proposing basically just allow builders to create longer pathways that are only accessible to the player after the genmat is collected. The example I am using is a dungeon I am designing where the initial pathway turns into corrosive blocks, and a second wave holocube is revealed that allows the player to escape using a secondary, longer pathway. With my change proposal HRV would follow the shorter path but identify that the longer path exists after the genmat is collected through the holocubes.