Prestige level 10

So I have a base at level 9 but I hear that if you prestige to level 10 you can't use the base anymore. Can't you have a reward of a new burial site or have it as a site that never drains. It feels like a grind fest when a lot of work went into them.

Even a new evolution for Harvey when p10 where he can fly to the gen mat or something to mix up vets. There are 200 spot to fill for the burial sites what happens when all are filled and p10?

Just throwing out ideas


  • Dreamnomad
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    I think they are looking into options for max rank bases. I see the wisdom in bases having limited life spans. This forces players to innovate and not just keep re-activating the same 5 bases forever. The game would get stale if that were the case. I would like it if max rank bases could be reactivated like once a month. In the meantime you can at least put your max rank bases on social.

  • Amaroq64
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    I was disappointed when I found out too, but it's grown on me. Having to make new bases leads to you building up a portfolio of all your awesome bases in your social raids.

    To be precise, when you prestige it to 10, you get to run it one more time before you have to retire it. Then you can put it as a social raid.

    It takes more and more prestige points to prestige a base to higher levels, so getting it to level 10 shows that it's good enough to be a max ranked outpost.

  • Chordyceps
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    I'm fine with the idea of a base not producing any more genmat at tier 10, it makes sense to encourage players to try things. What makes me disappointed is that they are completely useless after a tier 10 depletion. I'd honestly like it if they were able to stay up but only give you parts and synthite from the raiders they killed. That way people who prefer building to raiding still have a way to go with their preferred playstyle.

  • BillSimmons
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    The reward for reaching prestige level 10 does feel bland and considering that's the final ooh-rah of your outpost you'd think there would be more offered at the finish line.

    I like the idea of rewarding the player with a free outpost/synthite to buy one. You're succeeding in the eyes of the game, but only receiving scaled up rewards like all the previous prestige levels.

    Permanent outposts are a no go, but maybe in the future your prestige 10/mastered outposts could appear in a playlist that would test a custodian's skill and reward you, the builder in some way.

  • Dreamnomad
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    Problem with that is it takes away raiders from other outposts.