Rage quits not awarding kills, hurting motivation to play builder

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Logged in today to see, I had 12 kills on an outpost (with escapes), and a bunch of 0 kills/quits.

Upon watching the replay of the "0 kills/quits", I had an additional 13 kills that were not awarded to me, because the raider rage quit (closed app mid game)

My base isn't impossible, good raiders figure it out and give me accolades. It's even set on normal difficulty!! I'd understand if a raider wants to give up and try an easier base on normal difficulty,.. but why are the kills that the base got not awarded after rage quits?

Kind of defeats the point of playing builder altogether.

note: this happens mostly on "normal" bases I make,. raiders rarely rage quit on my "dangerous" bases (I have not made a "brutal" yet)

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