The Magical Bolt return bug. ( found )

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The Devs have replied to this post on steam and are thankful for me finding it, they are looking into a fix but have no idea how long it may take.


The reason why sometimes you see your / raiders bolts return magically.

HOW I FOUND THE BUG: ( You can skip this if you want :D )

I looked into this as a while ago due to another post reply we were talking about why bolts get returned, as this often happened in 1 specific place in my outpost, but i kinda ignored this at first. However someone pointed out (Mantra) that this may be cause by Deco and may trigger due some sort of situation.

So i do what i do best... test things. (i did the whole how does danger threshold work solved in beta.. since dev didn't explain the dam thing)

So after some long testing, no matter what i took away it kept doing it but it kept doing it in the same place, and noticed it did it either on a full block.. or half a block.. or doesn't work at all a block beside near to it.. then a pattern started to emerge, so after thorough testing it started to make a shape or a certain area... so i had a theory... and flew up high...


It's the MIDDLE of the map that causes this issue, an invisible box, that is on the ground level, each map seems to have a different shape ( see below in screenshots ) they seem to be a height of 3 blocks? going down (couldn't fully test this as none my maps had space deep enough) so the block space you stand IN, the block you stand ON and i think another block below that. So in other words, Ground block, above ground and below ground. So while standing in this area, you will always get your bolts returned no matter what.

These sceenys show the area that the bug only happens.

These two are smack bang in the middle as shown here.

( If these screenshots don't work please say and i'll quickly sort them out )

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    Oh my god, it works! It is so... odd... Like why, what's wrong with coordinates here that all bolts come back...

    Great job! I guess we can use this information while there's no patch xD