CTF Gamemode (PvP 2v2/3v3)

Aeniema Unconfirmed, Member Posts: 6

Can we get some dedicated PvP gamemodes. a CTF mode would work perfectly in this game, alongside the buildering with traps etc it could be unique! When matching, you get into game - each team has a set time to build, once timer is up rounds start.

First to capture and dunk the genmat (whilst still holding thier own genmat).


  • zbord
    zbord Member Posts: 18

    I recall a question relating to competition in the survey and wondered just what were they talking about. There is no competitive modes in this game and only self made ones like if I was "competing" against a friend somehow. First to chimera level 30 or fastest no death run, etc.

    While PVP's not my thing, having some more modes to play with would be a good. Arena kill challenges. GenMat races. A head to head survival mode. Or even a solo survival mode. Many options can be imagined. I'd enjoy building for something other than "Protect your GenMat. Kill many raiders."