Please either enable Auto-fill or CrossPlay.

LordRaidenCR Member Posts: 10

It would be nice to play Duos with a random player, at least on my case I mostly play Solo, I only once played with a guy who helped me which he joined during my streams and gave me his PSN ID.

However, I have noticed that you can raid maps/outposts created by other Platforms, but not raid with them?


  • MadMoeZel
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    until you autofill with the guy who kills you outright at the begining of every run so you can't get genmat.

    and friendly fire is intentional, i don't want to see it removed.

  • LordRaidenCR
    LordRaidenCR Member Posts: 10

    Lol, I have seen that on my outpost, some Duos who just stood outside killing eachother.

    Auto-fill could be a risk? But could always be fun to play with others and receive advises, the most I have done is watch some streams of people who are good and ask on scenarios.