Suggestion for Post-Prestige 10 System to prevent Builder burnout

MadameExotine Member Posts: 75

I really enjoy taking a good 6+ hrs building an outpost (over a week, before activating it). And I get plenty of accolades that tell me Raiders appreciate my outpost. Like I can feel the dopamine hit everytime I get accolades 😅 But then the outpost dies at Prestige 10, and I have to make another. Made about 3-4 total outposts since the launch of game, and I am already feeling burnt out. Time investment into an outpost doesn't seem rewarded in a meaningful way.

I understand the current prestige system is there to keep game from getting stagnant, and keep the builders building. But outposts dying at P10, also heavily promotes fast builds, over quality builds. As well as earlier builder burnout for those who invest more time into their outposts.

I think best solution would be to make it that after Prestige 10, builders need "fun", "artistic" and/or "Ingenious" accolade points in order to keep prestige-ing up. That way past Prestige 10 only the creme of the crop (as voted by raiders) get to be kept in rotation.

This'll also be a great incentive for builders to make their outposts more "fun", "artistic" and/or "Ingenious" if they want to have longevity, making raiding much more enjoyable. And if builders just wanna make quick "death box" outpost, they still can, at the risk of them not living past P10 (like how it is currently)