Accolates system is bad

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This is a rank competitive game and thats why we dont need to get most of the prestige exp in votes and more exp should be given by kills.

The only ones giving votes rigth now are noobie people who consider easy crappy outpost fun, easy tombs brutal and a smile or hi as artistic.


  • PinkiePie
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    I think you are playing the wrong game if you are looking for competition. Votes are a very good way to get people to do something other than killbox. Finally, the creators who seem to complain the most about the system are all the creators of the brutal base.

  • worldnamer
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    Honestly, I care zero about my "rank". I will abandon any outpost that isn't fun. I will give accolades to people who spent time thinking about their level design even if I never died. How your outpost looks and feels is far more important than how many people it kills.

    You should reconsider your stance on accolades. A lot of people love getting feedback, and encouraging people to make cool new levels is a good way to get cool new levels.

  • TragicSolitude
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    This is a rank competitive game

    Nope. Rank wasn't even in the closed beta, it was added after the game was pretty much completed (and poorly added, at that) probably because someone thought it would increase player retention. Instead, it's caused a lot of friction in the playerbase.

    we dont need to get most of the prestige exp in votes and more exp should be given by kills

    Except this was done very much on purpose. In this Twitch stream a Meet Your Maker developer talks about how Accolades are more important than kills and how for Builders base design is a balance between fun and challenging: bases need to be fun so that Raiders will stick around and be willing to die multiple times attempting to complete them.

    If the devs don't stress that Outposts need to be fun, they risk Builders not caring. If Builders ignore making bases fun, then no one will be willing to raid.

    The only ones giving votes rigth now are noobie people

    I give Accolades.

    The devs actually screwed up kinda big here. A lot of console players think they're giving Accolades but aren't, because it's not made clear that they have to press a non-intuitive button to select an Accolade; the button they've been trained to push to select everything is the one that leaves the screen. The game gives no feedback to correct this. I've seen players say they're forced to leave an Accolade, so they definitely don't understand they're not actually giving Accolades to anyone.

    PlayStation makes up the majority of the playerbase right now, so this hurts Builders a lot.

  • MadameExotine
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    I 100% agree with the replies this post has gotten.

    If this game ever turns majority rank competitive focused, it'll dry out pretty quick. The main pull of MyM is really in the creativity, fun and cleverness/uniqueness of outposts. This is already clear by how little raids brutal outposts get, since they have a reputation for being made with a "rank competitive" mindset (ie. killboxes).

    If anything, Accolades need to weigh in more/reward more things.

  • Tishus
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    Sorry if you think accolites can control people. As you see in the photo everyone can prestige their outpost if their make a hard killing machine or a deadcube.

  • Tishus
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    Behavior put a rank system so yeah is a competitive one. As competitive means you dont need a good looking base or an easy base or give easy your tombs.

    Rank is the only way this game ensure a long term of updates. Is their is no gain why i will keep playing? Thats why we get prizes at the end of the season.

    Their is a game for creative to play and thats minecraft.

  • Tishus
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    They cant compite with minecrat, so if they dont push ranks is prety much a dead game. Ranks is the only life support in this game.

  • MadMoeZel
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    this only works as long as people like me continue to play them. but if every raid you get gets 1 kill and they quit, you need 100 raids to go from P9 to P10 on a max size base.

  • MadMoeZel
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    the "rank" system is the same as DBDs "rank" system. compete for a period of time for a marker, that marked gets reset, you get reward based on marker. your RANK will constantly be getting put back to bronze. so tell me again how this is a RANKED game. cause i haven't played chess in years but i'm sure my RANK is still over 1100

  • DirtyJanitor
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    "The only ones giving votes rigth now are noobie people who consider easy crappy outpost fun, easy tombs brutal and a smile or hi as artistic."

    Quite presumptuous aren't we? Hahaha XD

    Especially considering I'm new and been giving accolades for outposts that are "Fun" but also challenging and creative.

    I appreciate "maze like" dungeons, so that's a givin.. maybe listen deeper to the people before putting em in a box, custodian..

  • MadMoeZel
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    even noobs aren't giving accolades. 13 over 2 prestieges. on a map designed to be nice.

  • PinkiePie
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    it's strange that 'competitive player' seems to rhyme with 'being toxic'. There is a perfect game for you: League of legend

  • PinkiePie
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    Ironically, it is the "competitive raiders" who farm the most

  • Nahasno
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    There a competitive raiders and there are raiders "fixated" on their ranking - that's a difference. A competitive raider would meet the challenges of the given map until it's cleared. A ranking fixated raider quits said map after 2 deaths e.g. because he/she loses points or he/she doesn't gain enough for his/her effort.

    I would get that in a game where there is an acual ranking ladder but i haven't seen one in this game.

    And a seasonal ranking well there is no actual need to rush that - because you won't get more rewards because of a faster time?!

  • MadMoeZel
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    the numbered ranking system is because some people get dopamine from watch number go brrrrr.

    and you are correct, rank fixated players quit after 2-3 deaths and won't play a dungeon and learn it. they only do what they already know.

    competative players finish every dungeon, learn from every mistake, and proceed to get stronger and stronger with every challenge.