The game should optimize load times by caching the terrain and resetting the traps and guards.

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I had this poor guy who took a minute and 30 seconds to reload into my outpost, and then died 30 seconds in and had to wait a minute 30 to play again.

He spent more time in loading screens than playing the game. :( He must have been on an original PS4.

Seems like the game shouldn't have to reload the whole outpost if they're just reviving.


  • TragicSolitude
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    It's ridiculous how long it takes to reload an Outpost. And at least some of the gore/blood from the Custodian and enemies dying is still there upon reloading, which is... interesting.

  • UnethicalOctopus
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    The load screen has become a punishment in and of itself. I second this. There must be something that can be done to eliminate the loadsceen to streamlime gameplay.

    Resetting the traps and changing the xyz coordinates of the player and monsters back to their initial positions sounds fair.

  • UnethicalOctopus
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    Maybe a laughing sound and "You have died" splash across the screen would be sufficient punishment for failure.

    If this can't be accomplished, can I at least have something to read while I wait? Lore, tips or maybe even an image that won't be burned I to my monitor in a year perhaps?

  • MadMoeZel
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    higher polygon count directly affects loading times.

  • Amaroq64
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    It was a large outpost, and I built a gigantic box around it with multiple floors.

    I'm saying there shouldn't be a significant load time for respawning, because nothing changes except the traps and guards.

  • TigBatFiddies
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    I can hardly stand playing on PS4 because of this. It's one of the few things remaining that make PS4 less fun to play. Replays are boring to watch as your only control of time is either pause, .5x, 1x or 2x speed. No 30 second skip forward or back, no skip no next event. If a replay is more than 10 minutes it's not worth even looking at on PS4. Then you go to big outposts as a raider and it takes FOREVER to load, and hope like hell you don't die because you'll be loading that same time again.

    I did a test the other day. I was able to prestige and activate 4 outposts on PC and make it back to the sanctuary in the time it took to do that for 1 base on PS4. Hope they fix this.

  • noggieB
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