i think builders need more things to get creative

lior215 Member Posts: 4

i really love the level design creating for other players BUT as one who really loves to make good looking bases i would like to get more availability of blocks not i mean yeah they are 1 capacity but 1 capacity is still something i need to worry about every time i place something, also i think there are not enough "accesories" like... they can only be put on walls i know it's not an artistic game but you know it would be great to see something added for builders like me

as for the glass blocks and the meat and motor accessories i find them very heavy to load on lower system requirements, i can still play the game but if i get a base with all glass blocks my fps drops from 60 to 25 maybe? they are very heavy to load, you can still put a maximum glass blocks/accessories parameter if you want even if it's contraddicting what i said ahah

ALSO i would like to share some of my works on some BLOCK game we all know so you can get an idea of what type of works i like to do (i know that i don't have so much space to work on MYM but yeah it's just to get an idea!)

and yeah, that's it blocks can do miracles if used correctly