Not getting passive GenMat from active Outposts

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I am having a lot of instances now where I lose time on my active Outposts but don't receive any GenMat towards my Advisors or Tribute level. I get XP, but not GenMat. Is anyone else experiencing this? If so, did it start after getting an Advisor to level 100? Or was there some other catalyst? Have you noticed a pattern to it?

Just to cut off any sort of "are you sure" responses, I submitted an actual Bug Report ticket with 4 videos and some screenshots that show this is not a visual bug, I really am outright receiving no GenMat whatsoever while my Outposts lose time. Last night alone, between my 5 Outposts, I lost over 30 hours' worth of GenMat. That's in one night. That's not including previous nights nor GenMat lost while playing the game. The Outposts are not on Overdrive. They're not getting Raiders. I already submitted a crapton of proof to BHVR, but I didn't see a Bug Report on the forums and so wondered if anyone else has experienced this issue.

I can't help but be annoyed and despondent considering how many players say, "Oh, having an Outpost isn't about getting Raiders, it's about extracting GenMat." Fine, I've been going with the idea that building is pointless, but now my Outposts aren't good for passive GenMat, either. They're Synthite sinks often providing no value whatsoever. Given how much I'm losing and how often it's happening, having any Outposts active is not worth the risk. That's half the game that's now kinda cut off from me.

So, anyone else having this issue? Please, post your experience and upvote this if so. I worry that if I'm the only player who reports experiencing it then the issue won't get looked at.

Platform: PS4 Pro

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  • Darkyan
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    I didn't experience this, however I'd like to know, have you re-cycled the genmat multiple time without prestige?

    You mentioned not getting raiders so I imagine you might have reached some sort of dumb Refill cap.

    Just considering this an option, I really have no other ideas of what could cause it.

    edit ; Auto-correct was high af. i had a stroke re-reading myself.

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  • TragicSolitude
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    I've refilled some of the Outposts multiple times, those stay at Prestige 1. There are also a couple Outposts my friend built which have never been refilled, only Prestiged, and this issue happens with those as well. Because of that, a refill cap seems unlikely, especially since the problem is inconsistent; sometimes I get passive GenMat, but a lot of the time I don't.

    The only thing that had changed when it started happening is my Weapons Advisor reaching level 100. The problem occurs whether or not any of the active Outposts are the Weapons GenMat type.

  • MadMoeZel
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    added data point - no i don't expereicne this and all my advisors are 100 - platform Steam PC

  • TragicSolitude
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    As an update, I've had this happen with 5, 4, 3, and 2 Outposts active. I have yet to see it happen with only one Outpost active, but for a while I thought it might only happen with 4+ Outposts active and was proven wrong.

  • TragicSolitude
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    It's now happening to a friend of mine, too. They only just started playing after the most recent update, so none of their Advisors are anywhere near level 100. My friend is also on PS4.

    I've now seen this issue posted on the Steam forums as well, so that's three people who've noticed it happening. It's probably happening to players who don't even realize it. This bug is very easy to miss, especially if you have multiple bases running and some are extracting passive GenMat but others aren't.