Corrosive cube/resources

I know the point is to not let raiders get your precious resources. However, using the cube to prevent raiders from getting synthite and parts is low. Learning outposts just to be screwed over and only allowed to get genmat is crap. You have to run the outpost multiple times to even make it worth it.

No one probably cares but I don't give accolades to outposts like that and we should be able to give a bad review on an outpost besides just abandoning it and losing xp. Imo its an exploit that needs to be resolved. Making a run on an outpost with no reward is a waste of time and pointless.


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    The abandon exp punishment is getting fixed next update to, well, allow you as the raider to leave unpunished if you see something that you don't like.

    It's hard to prevent builders from making toxic traps like these which can only be exitted with a shield weapon.

    But it's even harder to actually "Fix" this, since you'd have to restrict creativity due to forcing players to have an open path, which would inevitably just result in player base leaving because everything they make gets removed.

    Consider this a blocked tomb, don't give accolades and simply leave ( After the update obviously )

    edit ; You can grapple through a lava block and survive, in case you didn't know. Side ways works the best.

    However if the lava is at the very top of a tower, don't grapple down, because there's no walls to grapple up to, essentially locking you in permanently.

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    if you can file a review on the base can the builder file a review on the raider?

    also really? "imo it's an exploit that needs to be resolved" putting a block in front of a optional objective that can be countered by a weapon that's offered to every raider. that's an exploit to you? oh good lord.

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    Corrosive cubes are cheap on build cost and personally I have seen people exploit the crap out of them to make acid parcour maps or lava pits on second wave that are nearly impossible to escape.

    Following up on this because I went back over what you were saying now I understand where I messed up.

    The only argument I have is that I allow people to grab the optional objects just because it gives people incentive to come into my base.

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    Delete this message somebody I didn't realize who I was responding to.