How Would You Feel About Deathslinger's Rifle Being Added?

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This is for those of you who play Dead By Daylight (DBD). I think the rifle could pretty much be ported over and work great. It would be a hybrid ranged/melee weapon. Ranged when aiming and slashing otherwise. The melee couldn't deflect bolts or break armor and would be about the same attack speed as the crushing sword. IE weaker than both melee weapons at melee.

The ranged aspect has limited range (20ish meters) but can break armor/traps. After each shot you have to reel in your bolt. The advantage being that you will never run out of ammo, but the disadvantage being that you have limited range and the further your shot goes before hitting something requires longer to reload. If you hit a guards flesh then you'll begin reeling them in and have to finish them with a melee attack. This leaves you vulnerable to other attacks. No switching to other weapons or using equipment while reeling in bolt.

I personally think it would be a great fit! It has advantages in it's flexibility and limitless ammo, but plenty of vulnerabilities packed in to keep it balanced compared to other weapons.


  • MadMoeZel
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    how do we handle reel when it hits a corpse vs a wall, does it reel you towards target, reel your bolt back. what is the speed of reel, do you have to stand still while you reel, if no is your movement speed affected by reel. what happens if you choose to NOT reel back in.

    also it seems counter intuitive to have to reel in a guard to melee them when you've already shot them in a game that has one hit death from any source.

  • Dreamnomad
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    If it hits a corpse then the game should handle it as if it hits any inanimate object. The player should be able to move and jump while reeling but at a reduced rate. Player doesn't get a choice of whether to reel or not. It's automatic. I hear you about the counterintuitive part of non lethal bolt, but that is part of the balance. If you get a hybrid melee range weapon with essentially unlimited ammo then there has to be significant drawbacks. The drawbacks being limited range, melee weaker than other options, longer time to reload than other range weapons, and vulnerability while reeling. There will be outposts where you are better off with other options, but there will be times when this is superior.

  • MadMoeZel
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    i can't really see a situation in which i would willingly slow myself down in combat especially without the ability to control if i reel or not but i guess if some people like it. i personally wouldn't really use it.

  • Seraphor
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    I think the 'reel in' effect (either you to other objects or other objects to you) sounds a bit unnecessary and a bit too complicated.

    The idea of a weapon that has unlimited ammo at a cost (slow reload, short range) could be a neat idea though.