Repeatable and Arguably Game-Breaking Bug That Freezes HRV Pathing at Spawn

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I've found and done a little testing concerning a bug in HRV pathing around Second Wave Holocube blocks and half ramp blocks. Basically, If somewhere along the HRV path you place a half ramp for him to walk over (In this case I discovered the bug in the midst of making a second wave bomb trap hidden by the holocube with the half ramp to diffuse the bombs down two sides of a hallway) and then place a second wave Holocube directly above the half ramp block as if it were a ceiling the HRV will somehow count the path as valid and allow you to activate the map but upon starting the map as a player or in testing will simply stand still outside the base at it's spawn point.

When the genmat is picked up (or activated manually in the testing ground) and the second wave holocube triggers and begins to function like a holocube and not a solid block the HRV will then begin to path into the base to the genmat normally.

I tested on this on a brand new burial site I purchased later and was able to repeat the effect consistently. The holocube must be second wave and sit directly above a half ramp block on a 1 block path for the HRV. If the Holocube is not second wave the HRV paths into the base at start as normal so the bug must be with how the block is treated by the HRV in it's solid "inactivated" state.

The implication here is that it is very easy to bug the HRV pathing with a seemingly innocuous trap placement and, depending on the complexity of the base, hide the genmat behind a maze of false paths and headaches for the raider. This bug triggers all the same complaints about the killing of the HRV by pistons at the start but even more so in this case because there is no way to get the HRV to move forwards until you find and collect the genmat on your own.

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  • MadMoeZel
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    this can also be used responsibly to create a second path for harvey over second wave blocks that is longer than harvey's path after genmat is touched. normally harvey only walks on top of second wave blocks if it's his shortest path. but yes, when not given an alternative route it freezes harvey. i personally like the ability to cause harvey to route-change without having to make a 800 block long maze just to hide the second access point. i don't like mazes myself so prefer not to build them but if i want to use a second wave floor along the path i want harvey to walk it's maze, or 2nd wave holo above pyramid block with a little obfuscation.

  • Darkyan
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    Thanks for finding out where that issue was coming from, I spent 30 minutes shredding my base block by block and never figured out why he stood there.

  • Seraphor
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    Ooh, so that's why my HRV refuses to move on one of my outposts.

    It's social, Merchantville by TheSeraphor if you're curious.

    I believe I have a second wave holocube hiding a bomb trap, just above a quarter ramp. (it's at the bottom of the first main slope, if that makes sense) This outpost doesn't have real misdirection though, it has a couple short diversions, one for the tombs and one is just a minor dead end because I had space for it.

    The route change is a fun mechanic, and I hope this doesn't get patched out (again, I use it myself on Paynesville, though not brilliantly due to the lack of space), but freezing HRV however does seem like an exploit, it's no different to killing HRV with a piston, which the devs have stated is unintentional and will be fixed, especially as this is now reproducible.

  • MadMoeZel
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    This mechanic now functions identially when using 2nd wave acid instead of a holo block since the patch, this is new behavior for acid previously it blocked the path, perhaps the path being considered valid is intended but him not moving along it is the only part of the bug.

  • 1lazyowl
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    I think the path being valid in both these cases isn't the issue, it's the fact that the HRV is frozen for some reason. There has to be something bugged about it's pathing in relation to blocks that change states because of second wave mods. I'm hoping the fix is simple and they can just make it to where the HRV moves along the path that should be valid as shown by it's own pathfinding normally.

  • Seraphor
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    Considering that replacing the holocube/corrosive cube with a regular block then makes the path invalid, I'm pretty sure the valid pathing is the bug, technically.

    Although I would love for those low ceilings above slanted floors to be valid pathing to begin with. If the custodian can fit through then so should Harvey.

  • MadMoeZel
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    i know that putting the regular block makes the path invalid, but a holo block isn't solid, and neither is acid, so they may be inteded to have different behavior as a result, which may be while the path for holo block read valid before and why corrosive reads it valid now, maybe they fixed it not allowing harvey to pass for corrosive, but haven't figured out how to fix the freeze yet. alternatively they may have changed the 2nd wave function on corrosive to copy the holoblock 2nd wave since it wasn't allowing targeting and that would have caused a duplication in function, in which case the pathing being considered valid is probably part of the bug not an intended mechanic that isn't working atm.

    i agree that harvey clearly fits, and should. i think it's dumb that a pyramid block upside down with it's tip in the back corner blocks harvey.