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1) I love the game and the idea of the game, as I've played a mobile game similar in concept ie king of thieves in which I was top, I would make bases that caused atleast 70+ deaths but would occasionally get 1 or 0 and beaten (rarely)

The reason I bring this up is because even while what feels like impossible bases exist, some of us look solely for those bases as builders to find out how they work by running through them and dying 70+ times ourselves.

2) I bring up number one simply to imply I thought this game would be a challenge, and when I say I started on PS4 straight off with fresh spawn I realized very quickly that normal, was peaceful, dangerous felt like easy/hard depending, and brutal felt like well brutal. (Ran into one base that was free loot on brutal)

So I started running brutal came across a ton of kill rooms with plasma sentinels, guards, 20+ grenadiers shooting at downward angles straight in front of you, and then probably one of my hardest ones which was a corrosive cubes opaque base. Died on average 2-7 times after a week I had most bases figured out shooting certain traps up high so I can grab my bolt outside of the killboxs base and go back in, while that may not seem fun. I can agree with that, but what's fun to me is beating someone with that base with zero deaths after I figured out the method, and once people know the method the builder has no choice but to change it up.

3) as my experience progresses I've upgraded my ironman suit fully, my guns fully, crossbow included. But I neglected my equipment solely because of how cheap and ez it would be to get, i figured grenades would be the only thing really needed and the rest is a waste/overkill. No base at this point told me I need that as a upgrade, or that I need it asap. So every base in brutal after a week was easy and I was dying only once or twice.

4). That was until I came across truly brutal (some call impossible) bases the opaque corrosive cubes bases. Once I came across this type of base with incinerators all in one square room, piston spam, arrows, etc you name it. I lmao when I grabbed the genmat because ik I was screwed, won't no way I was gonna beat that base. Well I proved myself wrong easily 54+ deaths later I walked out with the genmat, took me a solid hour and I loved every minute of it because I learned not only that I could make bases like that but that there were ways to beat it even if it took 54+ deaths

5) once I saved up enough Synthite I started buying outpost and making corrosive cubes opaque bases, each one fine tuning it for the next. Which after the first one was made I realized that these bases are also cheese able and ez if you simply buy the equipment upgrades like the bubble shield, and the stamina equip. Then just pair it with the shield in your hand and you walk right past everything in my base even after fine tunes. But that's where the fine tunes amp the difficulty up ie making you have to parry with the sword as the rate of the shield recharge may not be fast enough.

6) After raiding and building these bases and watching videos on mym I realized there was an outrage over the whole corrosive cubes opaque trap seeing and shooting through it that I didn't even realize it wasn't a feature. Started realizing the community behind this game would rather block/report anything they don't like or agree with that is put in the game. Which is fine and totally in the right to do so, I guess in return they'd be doing me a favor by not letting me bore myself running through a peaceful base.

7) so far a month into the game I have my corrosive cubes bases still up and running all prestige 5+ with tons of accolades, so it leads me to believe their are a certain % of this community that like these types of bases. As a new player I have no knowledge of what was pre beta or none of that but I like the game in the current state other than the other actual game breaking bugs like iron fist suit perks glitched out, people dashboarding or alt f4ing, getting unlimited Synthite and parts without raiding. I mean they have way more pressing issues than hindering it's new player count.

8) that leaves me to my conclusion I love this game even with all the little bugs that come with it, even love the community that's behind this game! Especially the people that actually take the time to die 50+ times before they finally get it or that guy that spent 2-5 hrs repositioning his traps to get those 50+ kills, you guys are the reason I wanna play this game I want real challenging bases. Mym has given me to many upgrades and made the game too easy to quickly therefore I don't find much fun in raiding bases unless I have that surprise trap behind a corrosive cube keeping me guessing or PTSD of pulling the genmat and second wave traps catching me somewhere clever.

Wile others have their own take on it we each share our own playstyles for me I like the risk taking/rushing/ and slow playstyles but I also like being able to figure out what type of base I'm in when I'm raiding it by seeing different combinations of traps, and while some may think corrosive cube opaque traps with things shooting through them are too op. I'd beg to differ and say it's probably the only reason I play this game, and it's not to just kill people with it but to also face it when I play because it's actually a challenge. Having to decide if I need to shoot out that flame trap or run past it, is a decision in real time I have to make, if you take that away you're just diluting the gaming experience even more imo. So while 2nd wave corrosive cubes are a thing I'll still be playing the game, would even like to see first wave corrosives be able to hold line of sight through. To me it gives another dynamic to the already boring raid system implemented.

8) thanks for reading about my experience and if you wanna share yours below so the devs/forum mods can see feel free to drop it on this instead of making a new section, and happy raiding/base building makers!

(May be some errors in this but it's 7am and i stayed up all night playing this game and don't feel like rereading lol so read it as you will)


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    thanks for posting this. nice to see some more people who enjoy the challenges and devious minds of builders. we love seeing you conquer our creations <3