General Bugs & Game breaking bugs I've encountered

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This will be broken into two categories the game breaking and general while game breaking is detrimental for the game must be fixed asap imo. Where as general bugs are thought of as quality of life fixes/ironing out once the game is fully playable with a healthy matchmaking system. Game breaking bugs also tend to give a lower player retention rate as no one wants to download/buy a new game to troubleshoot a bug right off the bat. Then as a bonus just general issues I've come across/others may have experienced.

I'm making this so the devs can have an easier time tracking some of these bugs, while making sure the cause of the bug is known.

I will also try to include temp fixes for some of the issues, some of us new users have been facing so if you are experiencing bugs look here, hopefully there's a temp fix for ya!


Game breaking bugs & causes & temp fix


(5/7/23) GAME BREAKING BUG #1 - Iron fist suit perks resetting even after having all of them unlocked


CAUSED BY - (Not sure of initial cause ie how my friend encountered the bug). But once he encountered the bug I chose to help him build a base and immediately after him leaving and saving I left the session to invite him into my party, In which I noticed my iron fist suit glitched, it wasn't glitched prior to helping him build, but I believe it has something to do without going into build mode with a co op friend and whoever isn't the host can experience the issue. Something to take into consideration I'm on PS4 and my friend was on PS5 may or may not be a network desync issue but no 100% sure.

TEMP FIX - Purchase both suits and upgrade all slots to max, then throw on the melee suit and swap the perks from iron fist onto it. Have to have both suits mastered to swap perks.


(5/7/23) GAME BREAKING BUG #2 - Weapons resetting upgrades, and reset of equipment in load out. This bug is similar to BUG#1 as I experienced both of these at the same time.

CAUSED BY - Refer to GAME BREAKING BUG #1 as it was experienced simultaneously.

TEMP FIX - Simply hit pause to go into your load out, and swap out your weapon for another one, and back again. This will reset the upgrades back to normal.


(5/7/23) GAME BREAKING BUG/EXPLOIT #3 - Receiving Zero kills, Zero loot on a base of yours that's been raided.

CAUSED BY - People using ALT F4, People closing through Task manager, People on console dashboarding.

Don't even know how you'd go about fixing that!


(5/7/23) GAME BREAKING BUG #4/EXPLOIT - Unlimited Synthite and Unlimited parts


CAUSED BY - Using GAME BREAKING BUG #3, people can go into their build, collect the loot and before exiting just dashboard/alt f4. Which then allows them to recollect.

Not sure how you'd fix it!


(5/7/23) GAME BREAKING BUG #5 - Bolts/Ammo Not depleting/being picked back up immediately after firing.

CAUSED BY - Invisible blocks not rendering in on the build terrain causing the blocks to be invisible but allows you to shoot through while also automatically getting your bolt back. ( You won't know they're there until you shoot across the room, don't move and immediately have the bolt back)

TEMP FIX - Test your base after build mode and be careful building around the center point of your land near ground level as this is believed to where the glitch occurs the most.


(5/7/23) GAME BREAKING BUG #6 - Ranking system and boost do not behave properly when in a duo, as in players who are not host will sometimes get 0 points or -30 points even when they die 0 times. As for boost, if the none host player buys the boost it redacts the points, however doesn't actually apply the boost. It will only go by the host boost.

CAUSED BY - Playing co op with your homies

TEMP FIX - Don't play co op if you care for rank, unless you are host.


General bugs/issues & causes & temp fix


(5/7/23) GENERAL BUG #1 - Corrosive cube wave 1 or wave 2 line of sight.


CAUSES - Either wave 1 traps are glitched or wave 2 traps are glitched allowing traps to not be able to see through the cubes or to be able to see through the cube. I personally enjoy the way wave 2 functions. But either way something about the cube is glitched none the less.


(5/7/23) GENERAL BUG #2 - Enforcer shooting directly through player.


CAUSED BY - The player stands directly in front of the enforcer causing the hitbox and projectile to shoot through the players hitbox.


(5/7/23) GENERAL BUG #3 - Flaming death piston killing you through floor tiles.


CAUSED BY - Players building a burning piston below a slanted position block allowing the burning piston to clip through in certain areas/certain blocks.


(5/7/23) ISSUE #1 - Replays stuttering when a player gets near a couple traps, ie walking off aimlessly and rebounding back into the base.


This is all I've come across and if I come across anymore I will update this posting.

I will also be looking through the forums trying to recreate some bugs I have not encountered and add them to the list.

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