A More Functional Command Center

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Is it just me, or does the command center not really feel like a command center. Your options within the command center are to select a base to raid, select an owned burial site to build or purchase a new burial site. In what way is this "commanding"? I would love to see more function brought to the command center which could not only give you more command, but save a ton of time doing things that realistically should be taken care of in a command center.

1.) Allow players to change the activation setting of an outpost from the command center. I find it quite annoying that you are forced to enter an outpost to be able to switch between Active, Overdrive, Social or Inactive. Allow players to make this change within the command center so we don't have to sit through the loading screen 2x for one single setting change.

2.) Allow players to collect all resources from an outpost via the command center. Again, you're slowing down the pace of the game incredibly by forcing users to physically enter their outpost to take advantage of its benefits. Say I'm just a few parts/synthite short of an upgrade I want to purchase for my next raid. If users were able to collect dropped resources from individual outposts, or all outposts at the same time, via the command center, players are able to continue PLAYING the game rather than sitting through load screens to take care of a miniscule task.

3.) Add a Social Raiding system. Simply putting a base into social mode really has no benefit to anyone at this point. The only people who will play a social outpost will have to know the name of the builder or outpost they specifically want to play, and it is case sensitive. You have a matchmaking system in place for bases which are not in the social category, why can't you see random social bases in a similar fashion. Allow bases in social mode to continue gaining accolades. Not for the purpose of prestiging the outpost, but for increasing the popularity of that base, and the likelihood that it will show up in social matchmaking. This would help interesting and fun bases continue to see some action, allowing raiders and builders alike to learn from previous builds which may have already been prestiged.

With the lengthy load screens, especially when playing on console, I find it extremely annoying that so many things that feel they should be taken care of within a "Command Center" are not available within what is called the command center... Instead users are forced to continue sitting through load screen after load screen to maintain their outposts.

If you have any other ideas for things that could be added to the command center, please do post it. This game has so much potential, but with some of the current systems, some portion of the playtime feels like forced work rather than a fun interaction with the game.


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    Good suggestions 👍 I definitely think a lot of these would be really good quality of life updates!