The game keeps telling you your outpost is a different difficulty than it really is.

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It's bad enough when you spend 20 minutes to an hour in build mode, thinking it's one difficulty, then you test it and the difficulty goes up, and you have to delete several entities to go back to the difficulty you thought it was.

Yesterday I uploaded an outpost, where BOTH Build Mode and the Command Center told me, for HOURS upon HOURS upon HOURS, that it was Dangerous.

Then I woke up this morning to:

  • Almost zero raids on it.
  • Almost zero KDR, because the few who raided speed-ran it like it was nothing.
  • The outpost displaying as Brutal difficulty.

How the hell does it take a full day to accurately report what the outpost's difficulty is?

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  • worldnamer
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    Every time you modify your traps / guards in your base it recalculates the difficulty rating. However, that calculation can take a few seconds. If you continually tinker with your base, that calculation starts over any time you make a change. Because of that, it's possible to see your base as one difficulty, leave, then realize it's never been that difficulty.

    You can see when it is doing the calculations by noticing that the Minimum Defenses criteria has moved from yellow to orange. This will let you see when it's safe to check the base difficulty and when it's not done calculating yet. Once it moves back to yellow, it has updated your base difficulty level appropriately. A minor annoyance, but definitely not the delay you're seeing. Hope this helps!

  • TragicSolitude
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    I've never personally seen it change hours and hours later, but the difficulty rating is so broken I don't doubt what you say.

    I have a base where the difficulty rating goes up to Dangerous every time I open it. I then delete two specific traps and put those same exact traps back in the same exact spots and it stays Normal. I have to go through that routine every time I open that Outpost in Build mode for any reason.

    I've opened a base that's Normal, applied a single Decal, and had that base go up to Dangerous for it. Removing the Decal didn't fix it. I had to remove multiple traps, which is devastating on a Normal base that already had very few traps as it was.

  • MadMoeZel
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    the easiest way to verify this, is to make a map, find the edge of difficulty, make that difference one guard that can't see harvey's path. then when it's on the lower difficulty, go into test mode and exit again to refresh the difficulty meter to confirm, then set that guard to patrol so he can see harvey's path. go into test and exit again to reset difficulty meter and it should have changed based purely on the guard now seeing the path due to patrol.

    i think the needed removal of multiple traps has to do with targeting overlap and it not calculating that properly until you do the test

  • TragicSolitude
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    I don't understand. Do Builders have to do that every time they make any changes just to get it to recalculate properly?

  • MadMoeZel
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    matter of precision. if you don't mind it being a little off, no. but if you want to know for certain. yes.

  • BillSimmons
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    I have had constant success with just waiting for the difficulty to get calculated, then removing and readding a block to recalculate it. If there's a pending change it has shown itself after doing that little delete->undo action.

    Teetering on the edge of another difficultly rating has been and continues to be one of the more tedious parts of building.