Extra difficulty levels

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I think it would be a good idea to include difficulty levels within those already in the game. For example we currently have a normal, dangerous and brutal difficulty. I think that these should also have an easy, moderate and hard difficulty added to them based on kd ratio. Eg, brutal hard or normal moderate.

This change would better showcase the bases as some normal bases can be brutal af and some brutal bases can be very easy.

sometimes I just want an easy run, other times I want a hard challenge but the current info doesn’t tell us as much.

Also as a builder it is a better indication of how deadly your base is, and showcases your talent.

In addition the rewards should reflect the difficulty, this incentivises raids on more difficult bases. You shouldn’t get the same rewards for one base which is done in 30 secs and one that takes 30 mins just because they have the same amount of traps.


  • MadMoeZel
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    they don't have the same amount of traps.

    you can break into the brutal category in under 1500 capacity. and the upper limit is around 6000. the variance in brutal has led to a huge push to avoid the entire bracket due to that wide spectrum of bases.

    as for the brutal AF bases you can normally filter out the majority of these experiences by avoiding maps in the brutal difficulty that have distances under 200m the longer a map the more spread out the traps (usually) when you're looking for harder content you can almost guarentee a brutal map that has a range of under 150m is some form of killbox if you are after that challenge, then if you are more combat oriented target things with high trap variety so that their top 2 defenses include either all 20 guards, or only guards in the top 2.

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    Agreed that there should be another category for bases above dangerous and below brutal.

  • Seraphor
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    I don't know if there's some odd additional qualifiers for difficulty rating, or if it's a bug. But I've had two Dangerous outposts (on the verge of Brutal) suddenly jump up to Brutal rating after I entered and cleared them, without actually changing a single thing.

    It's already a pain to have to gimp your own outposts to keep them in the Dangerous category, when they're clearly not difficult in the slightest. But if there is some system of recalculating difficulty based on actual kill ratios, that would be great, and should allow for the cut off values to be decreased to give more leeway to Dangerous outposts that aren't actually difficult.

  • MadMoeZel
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    i have posts on this topic in the bug report forum if you'd like details on that.