Rank system ruins the fun of raiding

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I would rather play interesting maps, but the rank system punishes doing anything but cherry picking whichever base seems the weakest.


  • magic1236
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    They have updated the way ranking works you no longer lose rank from dying and such


  • MadMoeZel
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    i mean if you want to target weak bases i guess that makes you a weak player. i target short bases because i'm an impatient player. you choose your own experience mate, if you care about rank either play hard stuff and get really good really fast so you climb, or play a bunch of easy stuff and crawl to the finish line without ever learning. the choice is yours, do whatever is fun in my opinion.

    welp now that every single 5 year old with a keyboard is capable of making masters via "monkey on a typewriter" thanks for devaluing my 55,000 rank points that i worked to get with risk.

    old system at least encouraged giving 3 attempts before leaving because it was equal value to a quit. new system promotes 1 death leaves since theres no punishment. enjoy a gimped playerbase who only plays stuff that can beat without dying and leaves everything else.

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  • CotePathos
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    I want to target hard bases and long bases. Rank still incentivizes targeting short (and therefore weak) bases. They didn't solve the problem, they just slapped a bandaid on a chemical burn and called it a day.

  • TheShindig
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    I wouldn't worry about the ranking system. Even before the update, if you play enough you'll make it to master.

    At first I thought it would be fun to have more of a chess style rating where you actually have to improve to make it go up, but this game doesn't have any of the math in place to do that effectively.

    The devs clarified that they want rank to just be a seasonal progress, but I agree with you now. They might as well just scrap it entirely and just say "beat X amount of outposts to get the prizes" That would be more in line with their stated goal of letting the players curate their own experiences anyway.