Thank You Developers

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I know listening to a community can be really difficult since you have all kinds of voices coming from different directions all telling you different things. The best we can do as a community, is give our thoughts, the best you can do as developers, is try your best to listen and give us the best outcome.

That being said, the recent dev-post on the MYM website (you can see that here: ) is really dang good, and it's nice to see that our voices are being listened to.

For anyone wanting a basic summarization of what they are doing:

  • Showcasing some rank rewarding coming in the next month.
  • Fixing the Second Wave - Corrosive Cube bug, removing the ability to spawn-kill HRV, fixing other issues, and balancing out different things.
  • Removing the ability to lose rank; you can earn less rank from dying a lot, but it is removing the ability to lose rank.

Seriously, keep up the good work, you guys have an amazing game and I cant wait to see what yall do in the future! <3


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    yep, confirmed 100% fair, absolutely balanced. it used to be impossible to do bases like this because of 2nd wave corrosive exploits, thank god they fixed it, there was no way to beat bases like this before.

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    Its easy to beat that when u know play to mym...

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    It was possible to beat bases like this (most of them, at least what I faced) but it requires unlocked shields and understanding how this game works with ability to play like a skilled player, not like "hey, I'm new to this game, why it so hard, please remove all challenges and add me button Press_to_Win". It was possible and it was fun. WAS.

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    Sorry, I'm so frustrated after last patch and how many people happy to it, I can't even believe that there is someone who understand why it's totally wrong direction to develop this game.

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    I agree with OP here, and want to voice my appreciation too. When I saw the recent patch notes it made me really happy because all the listed changes looked good to me. Especially the fixing of the second wave corrosive traps. Also that boost in prestige gained from first kills by your bases I really liked. On higher rarities, raids on your bases can be few and far between, so making those raids more valuable in terms of prestige is a huge help for letting my bases stay up.

    Good job devs! Excited to

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    <3 i have a ton of posts in feedback for suggested changes and additions. please feel free to take a look through, the more voices that approve, the more traction they have.

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    I really liked the dev stream yesterday and í´m looking forward to the next one in 2 weeks.

    All in all good job.

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    Wow, cool, using an awful example to try and make fun of my post yet you are ignoring a few things...

    1. This exploit can be used beyond just 1 tile of Corrosive Cubes... by using 2 tiles of CC; which can make it impossible to retrieve bolts without the Arc Barrier. This is objectively harmful for the game since it restricts you to using a specific loadout to deal with something that is not even intended by the developers... you have to think about things from the long term since it could have bad implications for future traps and restricting future variety... it had to go.
    2. There are many awful applications of this exploit, any many cases it is easy to deal with. Again, my issue has nothing to do with difficulty, so your argument of "you cant handle it despite it being easy" proves to be a strawman. My entire reason for disliking this exploit is it restricting what can be used, NOT the difficulty.
    3. I have gone on record to say that there are good applications for the SWCC Exploits, since it can make the Splatter augment work, I even made the suggestion to make it a mod but have a high capacity cost to reward smart placement and remove killbox spam. Check my Discussions to see it for yourself.

    Before you talk about stuff using sarcasm and preconceived notions, do your research on who you are talking to, because you are outright embarrassing yourself.

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    Pffff so we need ban fire launcher cose we cant use melee weapon ?!

    What u say is no sense... Stop crying all the times and enjoy the game

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    There are ways to get close enough to break Incinerators with a melee? You act like it is an impossible task when even with Death Pistons blocking the path I have been able to work around it. And this is ignoring the fact that Im talking about an entire loadout, not just a single weapon.

    Also "stop crying all the times and enjoy the game" but you ignore the other people complaining that an exploit got removed? Im guessing Im "crying" because I have a different opinion than yours or maybe present things differently?

    Either way, Im enjoying the game, you saw the post, Im glad the developers made these changes, because it benefits the game in the long-term.

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    i'm master 63 buddy. you're the one happy a mechanic was removed cause it was too hard for you. you're the one embarassing yourself, not me. but come at me again for your inability to see a trap behind acid. the "exploit" was never 'restricting what can be used' thats creativity, you've gotten them mixed up. i also advocated to it's addition. some traps don't need to be shot and by moving it off the back by 3 rows and putting it behind 40 capacity worth of acid it was BLATANTLY apparent it was there.

    on top of that you're one of those raiders who thinks that harvey works for them. he works for the outpost owner, the builder. we strap bombs to our guards, why would harvey be ANY different? piston got patched, i'm glad it was working inconsistently. but i'm still dead man switching the little rat, and thats 100% legal and not reportable, so spawn killing harvey, still a thing.

    and yeah, i made a post making fun of people who cried about a liquid they could see and shoot through letting a trap do the same. pardon me for thinking that there should be a level of fairness to how players interact with their acid. you know, you can shoot it, it can shoot you, it's called equality. but people don't want challenges or equality, they want raider sided 0-1 death runs where they win every time.

    probably why prestiege got changed, people were quitting bases that got ANY kills, and not giving accolades to ones that didn't. why? because raiders don't reward builders and they never will. sure YOU might give accolades, but your accolades do nothing to dent the synthite the builder spends to keep the map active, and then people rage quit the ones that can get those resources. so no, i don't care that those people hated the acid. i loved it, and anyone who couldn't handle it, "GET GOOD" we builders have to multi-layer walls so you raiders don't pull ammo through walls, or put guards in places you can't kite them out and abuse them. you always tell us "BUILD BETTER" well, GET GOOD.

    cry about acid more, it makes me laugh that we're still talking about this after it's patched. thanks for caring so much to write me a paragraph, i care too so you can have this. have a great day in your nerfed game. i'm gonna keep doin me, kthx.

    oh i missed this, ammo traps SHOULD be part of the game. it's called an economic decision, the concept that you give something up to get something else. you take a trap, lose a bolt, gain freedom in an area. it's up to you to decide which ammo traps offered are mandatory and which are ignorable. learn to identify what is and is not a threat to you, and if everything is, practice more.

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    The "crying" is not specialy for you but for peoples who think its benefic for the game to make build more hard to do so raiders is really ez comparate. Its a sad update for the game and people are happy with that...

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    There is a lot to unpack in this single post, so let me break this down. :D

    Obligatory flexing rank as if it means something... when many games have taught us that skill is justified by how you express yourself within a game, being decisive but quick, aggressive but knowledge, etc, but not bound by the definition of a fictional number. Not saying that you arent skilled at the game, I think that you very well are, Im just saying that the ranking system is not really a good way of displaying it.

    "Im unhappy because a mechanic was removed cause it was too hard for me," expect Im not, I literally said difficulty has nothing to do with it. My issue was with it's application, and I have stated that Im fine with it being in the game if it rewarded smarter trap placement, since Im getting tired of endless tunnels just spamming this exploit, it lacked creativity but everyone was doing it because it was easily abusable. The bases were not hard, it's just boring.

    Also I felt as if from a long-term perspective, it was not healthy for the game, as we get more traps and more gear, it is possible for gear to become restricted heavily leaving less variety for raiders, and with new traps and augments being released, the killing potential for this exploit increases. Instead, I suggested that the developers keep this as a mechanic but introduce it as an augment, which will still have good application for it, but limit how much it can be used, to keep it's strength moderated.

    Also frankly I dont care if people kill Harvey, I have no issue navigating maps myself, even if 30 minute maze maps are annoying, I personally have no issue with it, if youve seen any of my discussions before, or even met me in person, youd know that I am a very difficult person to piss off, I rarely get mad at games since it's childish to get upset over it. <3

    "I always tell us "BUILD BETTER" well, GET GOOD," expect I never really have. I have been a huge supporter of those who build since Ive seen a lot of great and smart builds out there. Hell, when you could leave a base with no repercussions, I made a post saying how it was a step in the wrong direction. You can look at it for yourself. Besides this one point, I really dont know the entire point in the rest of this paragraph, this could be me being illiterate but I really just dont get it, my apologizes. :/

    "Cry more about acid," except Im not. I think Corrosive Cubes have an amazing spot in the game, and I called that they would become a "meta" block/trap early on, and when all my friends mocked me, look at where we are now, it's one of the most used blocks in the game (from my experience). <3

    "Write me a paragraph," right at it. I know people in the internet, especially in text, cannot tell what mood someone is, so they assume the worst, but frankly I enjoy conversations like this. You can jump to conclusions and make assumptions, but Im still having a grand ole' time since I get to discuss my thinking. Is a bit egocentric? Maybe, but Im on the Forums for a reason, to discussion and chat. :D

    My main gripe with your original post was that you immediately jumped the gun to try and make fun of me instead of actually looking into my opinions or ideas.

    Keep in mind, my original post was about the developers listening to the community as a whole, and relaying information for the community to read if they had not read it yet. I never included any opinions in the original post, but you still tried to make fun of me over an informative post, and you still continue to jump to conclusions and make fun of me without actually trying to put yourself in my perspective. :S

    I can see where your frustration comes from in regards to the changes made to the game though, I personally think it is better for the long term for the game, Im sure things will improve for you as development for the game continues and maybe even when Sector 1 is released. <3

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    Oh, my apologizes then, I hope I didnt come off aggressive? I am not good with words sometimes.

    Well, maybe the update is not for you then. Sometimes games just release updates like that, Warframe and DBD has done that a lot for me personally.

    If it's the case, Im sorry to hear that, I at least hope the future updates will hold stuff you enjoy more, Sector 1 is right around the corner! <3

  • Nahasno
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    I still think it's more an attitude problem as a mechanics problem.

    Most people have a mental disconnect because you have to kill as many as you can as a "builder" and at the same time as a raider you have to get through the raids fast and with as few deaths as possible.


    Build your raids as difficult as you like and try join only raids of same or lesser difficulty as you your self build

    Build your raids as difficult as you like and try to join only raids of the same or HIGHER difficulty as you your self build

    Build your raids as difficult as you like and just play any base you join

    Build your raids as difficult as most raiders like (which i personally still don't know because of the problem stated above) and try join only raids of same or lesser difficulty as you your self build

    and so on.

    I think most of us play games because well they are fun, but in this game there is a very wide spread of definitiuons for what anyone sees as fun.

    Some like it hard, some like it easy, some want a challenge sometimes and an easy raid the other.

    Look at the discussions in this forum and the steam forum there are as many opinions to what a "good" outpost should be like as there are participants.

    Back to topic - we all got at least some of what we want and if it's just the knowledge that they are still working on things and did'nt write of the game as an failure. And they react to feedback even if it's not the reaction you personally wanted to see.

    So thanks for that dear DEV's.

    Now pls tweak the matchmaking so that we can get more that 5 raids in 24 hours or at least state how you intended the matchmaking and outpost activation to work in the first place.

    Should Outposts only be active if you are online? Then you don't need the whole genmat lifecycle thing in the first place! Just activate and deactivate them automatically on login and logout.

    The prestige upgrades whould be enough to ultimatliy kick and outpost out of the matchmaking at rank 10, just make it so that the outpost can't be raided anymore before it was upgraded if it got enough prestige.

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    i also enjoy these conversations, and i used your post to kind of address the general public on topics, they weren't all directed directly at you. just my perception of the community based on what i see in the forums. i did read your post that you advocated for addition. i think that the spamming of 2nd wave acid was a result of not having better ideas. but i loved 2nd wave acid halls more than i like the "legit" plasma cloud spam in one room. it gave me a guessing game of whats where, but also so many were poorly built to the point you could just walk through them. i see these piston walkway plasma+fire rooms and i just roll my eyes and walk through them. just because something is used widely and all over in bulk doesn't make it good, i agree there. the acid was never a challenge, even when it was combined with opaque it was more a guessing game of do i or don't i, almost every configuration of the acid setup was 2 acid into a fire with some kind of explosive trap to guard it in case you shield dove in. those traps could only affect at most 2 spaces of the path WITH dragons breath which trivialized them to the point i'd ignore them. similarly to how i ignore the 1 way door ammo eating traps, they just aren't worth shooting at with their restricted firing angle. i pulled my rank out because you addressed me as if i had no idea what i was talking about, nobody that high up can be assumed to be a complete idiot safely so i stated my position. it was to display exposure to the content primarily. the origonal satire post was me expressing my discontent with the patch, not attempting to mock you directly.