Found a base with a new exploit

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Well I was playing the game after the update and I found a base we’re the walking robot well not do anything until after u get the genmat, pretty sure this is a ai exploit first time I have had any bases like this. Here’s a link to the video for proof, I streamed it live. This is just so everyone can see this and hopefully how to fix it.

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    i thought you had something new. this is the holo block bug it's already been discussed

    also i didn't realize you needed your hand held to the door, that dungeon looked pretty straight forward. how did this negatively affect your gameplay other than someone not holding your hand with an ai?

  • wright402
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    Well it’s new to me, and the game just updated so I kinda figured it was something that was over all new. This was the very first base like this I seen.

    no need to be rude/hateful over it. It effects gameplay because it’s an exploit, besides just that how it “negative” effects is the fact that exploitation is cheating, it also takes a key component of the game “walking bot” and basically disabled it, so you wouldn’t even know if it was possible to bet it or not, it could’ve been a far bigger maze or etc. Doesn’t matter how “straightforward” it was, the fact is, it’s still cheating. The fact that I bet someone could probably make a raid impossible using this. 🤦‍♂️

    so please stop the hateful comment, if u cannot then just leave. I was just trying to make sure there was light about this, literally no reason to be so hateful over a post just trying to bring light to this. 🤦‍♂️ Toxicity like this shall aid in making the game die faster.

    how would this be a holo cube bug? I didn’t see any in there unless I missed it, which is possible. I don’t look for exploitation’s like this myself bc i don’t cheat on a multiple player game. However if I see one I shall report it.

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    You should post it in bug report section since this behaviour isn't intended.

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    Hello, when you want to report a bug, please check the bug report section to see if it has been reported already and upvote it, otherwise open a new report.

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