There Should Be Sharing Features for Outposts

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There are many good outposts but if I find one I really enjoyed, I can't share that with other players - and the social search features are pretty terrible. I can search on designer, which is good, but I can't search on any meaningful criteria, like harvester path length, types of traps, or points spent on traps.

I want to be able to take an active outpost and share it with friends so they can play it as well. I would like better search features for outposts. I would love to see recommended outposts from friends. I know that's all sorts of possible features, but basically, clicking on a "random" base is less compelling than hitting a list of top picks from a favorite streamer or running down a list of themed bases on a community discord.


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    One issue here is that players who know the bases they will raid in advance, can game the system and earn more points than they deserve.

    So any kind of sharing like this should be done via Social Raids.

    Builders might not want social raids on their active outpost, especially not from streamers, because that will show viewers the secrets of the outpost. They want real, blind raids, so they can earn kills.

    Having said that, it would be nice to have an easy way to share social outposts with friends. It's possible at the moment, but it's a bit fiddly. (Also fiddly for builders to load their outpost just to change the status.)

    It would be great one day to play some curated lists of the best retired outposts. There must be many beautiful outposts which only 1% of the playerbase has ever seen.

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    The rewards are, I'm afraid, not real. Let me explain.

    There are only three resources in this game. They are cells, Synthite, and rank. Everything else is an illusion of game design. Cells are there to give a sense of progression. Synthite is there to prevent people from overloading the system with low-quality bases. Rank is there for endgame.

    I'm 100 hours in, and I have maxed pretty much everything on the list. I have all the traps and guards, all the trap mods, most of the guard mods. I have all my weapons maxed out, all my suits maxed out. So the cells grind is an illusion that goes away quickly.

    Synthite is rare but at best you're looking at a friend spending 30 minutes building a large brutal base (and spending 1000 synthite for it) to give you 100 Synthite. And it's not like XP/resource farms don't already exist in the game. So Synthite is an illusion too.

    So that just leaves rank. Nothing all that important is tied to rank - maybe some skins which would be more easily obtained by just grinding Small/Normal bases until you're Gold. I'm already there, and it's only gotten easier. However, if this is a sticking point, there's an easy fix. Just make shared games not count for rank. This would be fine.

    If I'm being very honest, the idea that social maps don't let you acquire the tombs is just designer fear and not a real concern. That restriction should be lifted, and then you can add linking to the social system and suddenly everything is fine.

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    A website where people can invite viewers to raid their outposts: