Bases not getting raids

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Since the update my bases have not been getting any raids, and no I wasn't using the exploit.

I used to leave them active overnight and look forward to checking raids in the morning but now there is nothing there. I was purchasing the 24 hr plots thinking that this would mean more raids but it seems like this has changed. I made bases Normal and Dangerous that weren't kill boxes with some sort of art to encourage raiders and it seems that this is now pointless.

Not sure what happened but it almost feels like bases now have a set amount of raids and once they reach that (5 or 6) they no longer receive any. If this is the case then this will kill the game as it now becomes pointless to create bases which encourage raids and pointless to purchase 24 hr plots.

I hope this gets fixed soon as I see no point in spending my time building bases that receive no raids.


  • Dreadnight
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    I have spent 6h+ creating a base quite creatively with no exploits or lazy designs. I can't prestige because no one assaults her. The few people who were able to enter are people who either stayed AFK or gave up and got frustrated at the first death.

  • Cyba_Zero
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    I've actually noticed a whole spate in the last week or two of people leaving after 1 death in various bases (even one who didn't make it in the front door); at first I thought it was to do with ranking but it's still happening occasionally since the change, plus a few days ago I got crashed out on the loadscreen after my first death raiding a base (which I wanted to carry on trying, but it had gone from my options once I got back in), so I wonder if there might be a bug going on here as well.

  • MadMoeZel
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    removing the penality also removed the incenctive to try more. the penalty before hit max at 3 deaths which meant quitting at 1 was giving up 2 opportunities to lessen the damage to your rank. with no damage risk they just leave instead. i told everyone it would happen. your replays will probably be full of either 0 death completions, 1 death quits/completions, and 2 death quits. with the rare one every say 25 raids that stays for 5+ deaths

  • Seraphor
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    How about this:

    Outposts fall out of circulation after they've received so many raids, currently seems to be around 5-7 raids before it dries up.

    Instead of raids being the qualifier, a combination of Kills and Genmat stolen should be the metric by which outpost fall out of circulation.

    This way, you either get a lot of kills, or you get a lot of successful runs, but abandoned raids with few deaths will have little to no impact, and your outpost would remain in circulation.

  • Dreadnight
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    Four consecutive days reactivating a base and not a single assault...

    I don't plan to continue playing the game unless the problem is fixed

    it doesn't make sense for me to spend 6h+ creating a base so that no one can assault it and get prestige

  • MadMoeZel
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    gotta get on that social vibe with us mate. we got tons of fun maps we play and share <3