Need Help to Build a P10 Map

AlphaYandere Member Posts: 44

Hey Guys, i play Meet Your Maker since Release and I dont even touched P4 with one of my Maps, so i ask you if you have Tipps or whould help me Build a Map.

I'm on PS5 and its also my last Trophy befor Platinium.


  • Dreamnomad
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    From my experience, the higher the difficulty, the fewer the raiders. I would love to build really cool brutal maps but they just don't get enough action. So I would recommend sticking to normal and difficult (at least until prestige 5). I'm also an advocate of putting a lot of guards in a map. They are what players consider "fair" so they are less likely to abandon your missions and give you good accolades but still give reasonable amount of kills. Also, don't be lazy and just slap your guards down. Give them patrols even if it's just walking side to side a few feet. Pay attention to the things that you find difficult but fun when raiding other outposts and incorporate those ideas into your own outposts.

  • Chordyceps
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    Try and go for a normal difficulty map. My normal maps get more raids than my dangerous or brutal maps by a large margin. A trick that gets people surprisingly often is to put your guards on an elevated platform and make them stand on an impaler.

    In general place traps together, specifically in a "main trap" + "decoy trap" type way. The decoy trap being more obvious, gaining the players attention. Then your main trap kills them when they are distracted by the decoy, either when trying to attack it or gather their ammo from it.

  • AlphaYandere
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    did you know how many traps / enemys I can place befor I hit difficult?

  • Dreamnomad
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    Just keep adding stuff to your outpost until it reaches the next difficulty and then delete the last thing added. There is no point in having anything less than the maximum amount of defense possible. Normal outposts should be one trap away from difficult and difficult outposts should be one trap away from brutal.

  • sketchyman28
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    I got a P10 map and it uses almost none of general tips, it's a fun map that people can beat in 30 seconds but I put so much effort in most people spend 3 min to 30 min. I get most of my points from accolades and everytime I reset my base I prestiged it (except 1 time) my psn is sketchyman28 if you want me to show you my base. I recreated the first Mario level