How to make Brutal Bases worth anybody’s time

First off , the rewards.

perhaps beating one will automatically unlock a random Mod for any equipment you don’t have.

Second off

after all, you go into a brutal with limited items, some traps may require you to loose your ammo, and there’s no way of replenishing any of your secondary items ( grenades etc etc ) unless you die, along with all that progression. Yes you have a phoenix pod, but you never really know when a good time to use it is…which brings me to this

perhaps the phoenix pod should automatically revive you and ask to spawn where your at or beginning. Like I said the player truly never knows a good time to use it, so automatically after you die should be good.

Third Off

limited items. Perhaps a machine at the safe zone to resupply secondary items. Costs double the amount to supply at a safe zone than in your base.

I’ll raid brutals with these active. Until then the headache is still more than the reward.

my opinion .


  • Nahasno
    Nahasno Unconfirmed, Member Posts: 47

    I raid brutals at the moment, and for most you actually don't need much. I play mostly with volt lancer and crossbow and as consumables i have grenades and the turtle shield thingy. And unless it's a Rank 5 or above i die very seldom more than 3 times. But my prefered playstyle isn't the fastest so instead of headbutting into heavily defended rooms i tend to look around and think over what i would do with the place. At champion Level they tend to get harder in a Rank 10 it's up to 20 and more deaths for me. Still more fun than running around in a normal map maybe it's just because there is more to shoot...

  • UmbrellaWeapon
    UmbrellaWeapon Member Posts: 22

    Glad to see someone. I guess what I’m trying to say is, I can raid 3 normals or 5 normals faster than a brutal, just 2 alone got me more than a brutal with super less time.

    yes there is more to shoot, and it builds character experience. But character levels don’t have an impact on anything, they are just there. My character level is 60+ but no rewards for a level. So in my perspective, the more to shoot, the more time it takes. Yes the traps and guards drop resources, but it ain’t all the time, and ain’t that much.

    unknown tombs and genmat is what really matters. Anything else is purely on the player for whatever reason.

    I never was a speed runner, till I figured all this out. It really depends how much time your willing to spend to get what you need… sure a brutal will grant me what I need in 1 run… but if I can do 2-3 normals in under 15 minutes, or 5 minutes… then I got what I need with less frustrating tasks as I said before.

  • MadMoeZel
    MadMoeZel Member Posts: 685

    you clear brutals faster as you do more of them. you figure out what you can and can't skip. rule of thumb, if the room has 20+ traps, normally all it takes to skip is a grenade in a hallway, and a dome shield to buy time while you clear out any surprises in the hall/room beyond. my average brutal run is about 2 minutes. plasma is scary in bulk to look at but once you realize that if you get them to all fire at the same time, their recharge is soooooooo long and you can basically walk past them.