Tips for Corrosive Cube / Holo Cube / Sentinel

The corrosive and holo set on second wave will allow Harvey to walk to Genmat. Always remember, Harvey takes the shortest path. You have to make the second path connect in order for your second wave path to take effect. Once done, test run and watch Harvey take your second wave path first. When you grab the genmat, Harvey will take your second path. Make sure it’s well hidden, and make sure you can make it believable for the raider to go back to where they came from. Sentinel can be used as a path… I personally use some as a path to where I think the raider may jump… and this is where these sentinels take effect… or have one in between 2 pistons… standing on it will activate it. Once a sentinel ( or any guard or trap for that matter) charges up it’s shot, it will release whether your in the frame or not… which plasma cloud really shines here… that shot goes in the last spot where you were located before it fired. So them floors can get you at a very deadly angle. You can place guards on top of sentinels just hanging in the air also.

hopefully this gives people some ideas

another idea I’ll share that is my bread and butter trap, guard patrols… record guard movement, set up a stop watch to go in at 30 seconds or more. I hide these guys outside the base, and have them run in from behind. Sending them in at different intervals helps.