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you can go into a base, die as many times as you want perfecting the run. then you can quit the map, come back in, do it in 1 run, and get full rank. you can now receive your rewards for beating a challenging outpost instead of just getting 0. Perfect your run, then leave and refresh your death counter for full rank. this will reward the builders with your deaths, you with practice in harder outposts, and you again with full rank reward on completion for beating something hard.

have fun lovelies.


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    It is possible that this has been changed since this post was made, but you will not get "full rank reward" back after a reset:

    Rank Points - Master/Dangerous

    Builders above your rank

    • 0 death = 125 points
    • 0 death after reset = 100 points

    Builders of the same rank

    • 0 death = 87 points
    • 0 death after reset = 70 points

    Builders below your rank

    • 0 death = 63 points
    • 0 death after reset = 50 points

    This is reflected for all levels of difficulty.

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