What raiders don't like to see

MadMoeZel Member Posts: 685
  • 1 door stall rooms
  • more than 7 traps/guards in a room
  • more than 2 plasma in a room
  • anything that makes them lose ammo
  • incinerators
  • second wave only bases
  • dead harvey
  • blocked tombs
  • holo cube blocked tombs
  • high time investments
  • anything that you saw on youtube
  • large numbers of noise generating or moving blocks
  • excessive use of lighting
  • rooms that are all one color/texture
  • decals on every block

Including any of these things will lead to lower raid counts and increased abandons. these are not my preferences, they are observations on peoples complaints and records of what does and does not get repeated attempts.


  • MythicMikeneto
    MythicMikeneto Member Posts: 65

    I find this list to also be highly accurate.

    Well done again.