Advisor boost rework

MadMoeZel Member Posts: 685

We can pretty much agree that the best boost is suits for information. we may use the trap boost for synthite, but the prestige boost is basically worthelss with the changes, and the parts and cells stock up so much that their boosts also lose value. since we can agree that information is the most powerful boost i suggest a rework of boosts

lets make them all information related so that each player looking for something specific has that power but cherry picking bases becomes more costly

suits advisor gives information on outpost related to HRV path

rank 1 - rough estimate of length

rank 2 - exact length and estimate of how many traps/guards have line of sight/targeting on the HRV route

rank 3 - exact number of traps/guards that target the route

Trap advisor will tell you about outpost traps

rank 1 - total number of traps

rank 2 - how many of each trap

rank 3 - 2 most used trap mod

guard advisor will tell you about outpost guards

rank 1 - total number of guards

rank 2 - how many of each guard

rank 3 - 2 most used augments

hardware advisor will give you statistics on the outpost

rank 1 - Lowest death clear time

rank 2 - Fastest clear time

rank 3 - Completion Rate

weapon advisor will give information related to lethality

rank 1 - Average Kills of outpost

rank 2 - Name of most lethal guard/trap

rank 3 - Highlights the location of the most lethal guard/trap through walls for 10 seconds each time the player respawns