QoL option to reset traps infinitely during testing

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As the title said, I'd hope to see an option to infinitely and manually reset traps during testing once their trigger phase has been completed.

Interacting with them when they are either broken or shut down or just having a general "Reset traps" command for the entire outpost.

I've come to notice during plenty of testing phases that I'm often stuck in a vicious cycle of loading screen while I'm trying to set up a single trap.

I would ;

Put a bomb ejector,

"Test in this place",

"Back to building" change a block,

"Test in this place" however this time I forgot to turn off Hover mode, so it started me all the way at the start, speed run my entire outpost, bomb ejector "Seems to be working" for one side of the wedge.

now to test the other, you guessed it, "Test in this place" to reset the trap, wrong,

"Back to building" finally it works on both sides.

And now, for the cherry on the cake, i have to test out speed running, slowly walking, freezing in place, jumping on the ceiling, with a shield equipment and with a stim boost to see if all of them would punish the raider for ignoring the trap.

That's 6 more "Test in this place" loading screens for a trap, all of them with a chance to spawn me at the beginning for being 0.001 centimeters above ground.

That's a ridiculous amount of time spent looking at the 95% loading screen to deal with the RNG of bomb ejectors, hunters bolts, guards clipping on wedges during patrols or even simply because you killed the trap you were trying to test with an accidental back fire from a First wave bolt 8 blocks away.

I beg you, let me manually reset singular traps during testing.


  • Seraphor
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    Also even if you're not hovering, 'test in place' still sends you to the start most of the time. It seems if you're in range of any traps or the genmat, or in sight of a guard, back to the start you go.