Need a way to bookmark an Outpost for later

TragicSolitude Member, Alpha Surveyor Posts: 6,608

There needs to be a way to bookmark Outposts on the Raid Map to raid later. It never fails, there are either no Outposts that look interesting, or there are a whole bunch and I have to hope they show up again in my list (spoiler: they never have, only the ones I'm not interested in pop up repeatedly). It really sucks.

There's no guarantee an Outpost you see on the Raid Map will ever go Social. So far, none of the ones I've missed out on have gone Social.

Plus, if it's late and I'm about to go to bed but see an Outpost I want to raid, I have to load it up and then leave it so that it stays on my Raid Map. I feel bad doing that, popping in just to immediately leave. Does that mess up the raid metrics? Will it hurt that Outpost when it comes to getting more raiders?

I can load and leave an Outpost to keep it on my Raid Map list. There's no reason we shouldn't be able to make this more user friendly by removing the need to load the Outpost and just give players the option to save it to raid later right on the Raid Map.