MYM Was Review Bombed?

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Apparently this happened all the way back in April before the update, back when the game had a lot of issues.

I was completely unaware that this had happened until a friend brought it to my attention, and while the developers did listen to the feedback from the community, part of me wonders if it may have been too late?

My friend said that the game lost a huge amount of players, on Steam at least, during that time, and that a lot of momentum the game had was lost. I do partly agree with them, but MYM was free with PS+ awhile back, so the game does have a strong console playerbase.

I do think, at the very least, with the game having such low amount of content, it would be better to charge $15-20 USD for the game, since it might give people more incentive to buy the game post-launch, since $30 USD ($40 USD for Deluxe Edition) seem a bit too much with the current state of the game.

I also think doing stuff like community events could help as well; 2x Synthite events or 2x XP events. Maybe even have challenges to complete for cosmetics or something, community challenges as well. The developers really need to find a way to keep players engaged with their game.

I know Sector 1 comes out in June, but we really just need something to keep players, since community made maps to raid is nice, but it can only last so long with such limited tools we have. For the long run, BHVR needs to have a plan to bring players back to the game and give them a reason to play.


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    I also think doing stuff like community events could help as well; 2x Synthite events or 2x XP events. Maybe even have challenges to complete for cosmetics or something, community challenges as well. The developers really need to find a way to keep players engaged with their game.

    Yes. They really need to do some events to get players engaged. They need people to feel rewarded for playing. Challenges to encourage raiding would be good: raid some number of bases to earn a decal (to get Builders raiding), raid some number of large Brutal bases to earn a weapon recolor (to get Raiders raiding more). Gacha games with garbage gameplay retain players by rewarding them with shiny things; people like getting stuff.

    Events would also make it look like the game is alive and active. Waiting until late June to release the first major update for such a bare-bones game was a terrible decision. The content drop itself should be a major event, with special Outposts where each player explores and unlocks the new Sector, uncovering lore through gameplay, feeling immersed in the world. But it's probably just going to be like a DbD content drop: here's the new chapter, please buy some cosmetics. This thought makes me sad when MYM has so much potential.

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    we could always start a crowdfund to buy the game rights XD

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    There is an unofficial MYM discord server which hosts player driven events. There have been builder competitions with different categories for winners (brutal, artistic, fun, ingenious), speed run competitions with different categories of runs, and upcoming is a themed build competition along with a 'blind' raider outpost (fastest completion of a particular outpost with no info going in--using total replay length as your timed entry). For anyone looking for a community to join if they aren't feeling as engaged as they'd like to be, I'd recommend checking it out!

    Here's a forum post discussing it:

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    Bombed? I understand "bombed" as unfairly badly reviewed.

    My review of the game, updated the 22th of April, is negative for various reasons that made me stop pretty early and, as far as I know, aren't fixed yet.

    About a month ago, I've tried twice to prestige my outpost to get visit and had virtually nothing. (That was my chief complain, there are several others.)

    There is a reason the Steam charts are showing such a drop in the player base.

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    I've seen several references but as a general rule I don't see adds, at all, for anything. I avoid any media that could expose me to adverts. (e.g. Not watched TV since the end of the 199x)

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    I would recommend trying again soon.

    Outpost exposure has changed. From the recent AMA it was revealed an actove outpost has increased visibility until it gets a certain number of kills. They only thing you sre up agains is 'player agency'. If the intel on you outpost lost nt good and the thumbnail is deterring, you might still not get raids; but that isnt the devs fault. Builder have to cater to the desires of the raiders. Sad, but true.

    Accolades are worth more and the amount neeeded to prestige is less; add in the prestige buff and you likely wont miss a prestige. I have yet to not pretige an outpost since the update. I came relly close to missing prestige with a new large/bruta on p1, but clutch got a raid in the last couple minutes; which incidentally gave it enough to reach p5.

    I can only assume there are other reasons you stopped playing; but you did not mention them, so I cannot advise if they have been impoved upon.

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    getting enough prestiege was never as much an issue as the obnoxious cost or reviving it compared to what you get over it's lifespan.

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    Not having my bases visited (something like a total of 8 visits after 3 prestiges) was what made me stop. I've made two bases so far : no kill rooms, just multi paths with more or less cleverly placed traps. None were worth my time.

    There were also a couple of other things but they are fixed now. (Harvey kill, through-cube exploit, ...)

    I'll try again when a base isn't being disabled until it has a minimum amount of visits, instead of 12 mere hours.

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    In the recent Ask Me Anything the Devs revealed that active outpost exposure is/was currenty prioritzed to a set number of raid,, and will soon be/is now a set number of kills. Once reached the outpost lowers in the queue to give exposure to other outposts. They also spcifically called out that 'player agency' if a factor as well in outpost exposure/getting raids.

    Asking for a outpost not to have a timer would mean they need to remove the gen mat gain from active outposts. I dont see them doing that anytime soon.

    It is unfortunate the game's core design does not appeal to you. I wish it appealed to everyone, but it just doesnt.

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    I don't think this game has ever had a lot of players after release and I doubt people care enough to review bomb it.

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    Then they have to tweak that number a lot - at the moment it seems to be like this:

    As soon as your Outpost has enough prestige to rank up the activity drops massively

    good outposts have the needed number of kills for the next rank up and then the rest time of that genmat cycle is dead time. That's about 1-20 raids depending on the killratio of said outpost which you often get in 1-2 hours after activation and then there is nothing for the rest of the time, not because nobody likes it but because of an implemented hardcoded (LOW) number? Are you kidding me?! do they even know in which direction they want to develope the game???

    Sry but that change makes absolutely no sense in reference to their stated intetions for the game, if that number would be in the hundrets that would make sense or just make the lifetime cycle smaller - why run an outpost for 12-24 hours when it get's only seen effectively for 1-2 hours?!?

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    In the recent Ask Me Anything the Devs revealed that active outpost exposure is/was currenty prioritzed to a set number of raid,, and will soon be/is now a set number of kills.

    Unless I'm misunderstanding you, you have the matchmaking system backwards.

    Outposts go up and they remain at the top of matchmaking until they have received a number of kills (we are looking to change this to number of raids instead). Then, they lower in the matchmaking priority (allowing access for new Outposts to get raided). As they enter the end of their lifespan they rise up in priority again.

    That's from the AMA seven days ago [direct link to answer]. (Emphasis added by me.)

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    I would not say negative reviews are the result of review bombing, much of this is, unfortunately, deserved. The lack of an official discord, the reliance on these poorly-designed forums, minimal player engagement, no versus content and even following significant testing and reporting, a large array of fundamental issues with the game at the design level, has yielded the expected results - low player count and bad reviews.

    These devs are from my city, I was excited when I found the project and wanted nothing but success for them, but to say they have made a few mistakes would be generous, and to call the bad reviews the result of artificial review bombing would be disingenuous. There are very basic, low-effort things from a dev perspective that can and should be done and most gamers have been around long enough to know when things are not being done correctly.

    This is the result.

    Again, I wish it were otherwise, I can think of 3 things that could be done immediately that would have a significant impact, but the reception to feedback or ideas, the engagement is just not there. How can a community take a game or seriously in 2023 that does not have an official Discord?

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    This thread was made in May, and it still gets people replying to it.

    My opinions on the game and everything have changed a lot over time, I kind of wish people would stop bringing this dead post back from the grave but Idk.