I’ve found two new bugs, ammo pick up and a soft lock

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I’ve had experience two bugs that are new to me, a ammo range pick up bug were for some reason I got my ammo back at a huge range, i haven’t figured out how it works or why, and I’ve only have had this happen once that I was able to catch at least. Here’s a video https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=YMZGy3XJMQY

next I was just goofing off this morning testing out some new possibilities of traps and stuff I haven’t really done much with yet, I wanted to use the pointed/triangle shape block for it, as I have seen a lot of bases do, I wanted to add my own little spin on it and put a corrosion cube with it and make a very hard time for people to grapple out after shooting a fire trap, interesting enough it turn into a completely soft lock trap, as if you go for your ammo you get suck on the other side, and without a Phoenix pod I found it to be basically impossible to get back though it. I even gave it some tests, it works with multiple other type of blocks, as long as it’s set up the same with the corrosion cube, however if it isn’t a corrosion cube you can literally just walk right out of it or grapple, when it is the corrosion cube you cannot walk out, yet alone grapple out. When typing this I thought of trying a plasma sentinel with it as well, it didn’t work, i tried a few combinations and you can just walk/grapple out normally.

This has to be a bug/exploitation here’s the video I lived streamed it so I could keep playing n etc.


p.s again these are new to me, as I have not seen any bases doing this, nor have I personally experience them beforehand yesterday n today.

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    Both bugs have been covered here please go look through the threads before create new ones.

    the ammo return glitch has been explored and described in depth and is related to physical location within the outpost. the soft lock is related to the "one way door" posts.

    remember the shape of the one way door and just don't go there. HRV can't go there, it's always the wrong path. don't be greedy for tombs and you won't get caught in them.

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