My feedback on MYM

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Hi everyone,

Been playing since the start and I wanted to give my feedback on the game in it's current state.

First of all, I love the aesthetics and atmosphere of the game. I have always been a big of the post-apocalyptic scenario and I think you've done a wonderful job here and I truly enjoy this game asa much as I hate DBD for the flaming pile of garbage that that game is. But of course, this game is not without, imho, faults and I would like to help you make this game better and of course offer suggestions on how to fix the perceived flaws.

So first order of business is the Synthite drop rate. This is too low as even when you use the boost to increase the drop rate by 30% it still yields next to nothing. Now I don't mind the amount of stuff that I see drop when I go base raiding, so my first thought was to give bonus synthite for escaping with the GenMat, which then of course would be boost-affected.

Traps aren't dangerous enough. I would like them to trigger faster. When even the fastest trap doesn't trigger fast enough for me to pass it by merely walking then I think that is problematic. Someone can literally avoid being impaled by the Impaler by just not letting go of the W-key then I think that should remedied. Make all the traps trigger a tad faster, they are too easily avoided and don't make me feel like I need to be on my toes. With these trigger speeds I can afford being careless and sloppy and I for one think that is not desirable for a game like this.

I feel the same way about all the guards except the cannonbacks. Slow movement, slow firing. The default can be upped a bit.

Killrooms. A "design" that basically boils down to throw every trap and guard into one or two rooms. Lame, uninteresting, takes forever to get through, is not fun and not enjoyable in any way, shape or form. To remedy this, I would propose to increase the capacity cost of traps and guards by a percentage based on the number of traps in the vicinity once it exceeds a certain number of traps and/or in that area. Of course, people could disagree with my take on killrooms but I would have to point out that those people are wrong and that you shouldn't listen to them. (the last bit is a lighthearted joke, relax... everybody is so uptight nowadays...)

Let's now make everyone downvote this post at the final bit of feedback I wish to post:

Bring back detecting through acid blocks. I know a lot of people cried about it but I thought it was fun and enjoyable. Both for making them and playing them. Brought some real tension to the game which I think is great. However, this time, do make it consistent, it was a bit wonky in terms of how far out it would detect.

Kind regards,



  • MadMoeZel
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    agree on acid, but i don't see it coming back in any form outside of a mod. (which i'm fine with)

  • Alertix
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    I wouldn't mind seeing impaler and maybe a couple other traps having a faster release trigger just because you can see majority of traps without even triggering line of sight on them.

    Also 100% for a mod on corrosive cubes being added, I was and will always stand by the way corrosive cubes worked prior to previous patch. All they need to do is balance the mechanic through a mod so only certain ones stack. So that it can still be a challenge somewhat while allowing others to not feel like it's impossible.