Lighten up on the diminishing returns

MythicMikeneto Member Posts: 65

It is well known that exp/parts/synthite/genmat/prestige all have a sort of 'soft cap' to them per raid.

Has it been considered to just raise the roof on these some of these caps?

With synthite being a real issue for time restricted raiders and those who want to 'only build'; losening the restriction for this may be a quick easy answer.

Example: currently the 'diminishing returns cap' is at about 200 to 250 sythite a raid (I dont have the exact numbers).

That mean as a builder or as a raider any single raid at best is worth about 250 synthite. With prestige cost being 2 to 3 times that for a single outpost, you could reduce the restriction by 2 to 3 times that much (400 - 750). This would effectively make it possible for one raid to equal 1 prestige.

Would it always work out that way? Unlikely. Lets look at some ideal case scenarios.

  1. A Builder gets a raid and gets 30 kills. Currently that tops at an average of 200 synthite. With the proposes increase and 30 kill raid could give as much at 600 ish synthite to cover a single prestige. 30 kill for a prestige? I think an outpost that effevtive deserves a free level.
  2. A raider dies numerous times in along brutal base killing 50-100 traps/guards each life. Currenlty the top out on that is 250 ish synthite. For the amount of effort the raider is putting in and dying repeatedly, up to 750 synthite would be a solid reward for sticking at it. That could cover a single upgarde or a single prestige level for the 20 to 30 minute and 10+ deaths put in. The builder is also happy to see 10 deaths and hopes to drag in possibly more than 200 ish sythite from the total kills in that outpost. Win win.

I can see the implications of game life versus play time here, but the community is already asking for more sythite for less effort to do what they want to do, and many are quitting because of the grind. 'Builders only' dont want to grind and raiders see less and less value to raiding after they hit top out.

More synthite in pocket could encourage more building by raiders, and more reward possibility per raid could encoruage builders to raid just a little more often without feeling they have to 'grind' to do what they want to do.

It wouldnt completley remove the need to raid for builders if balanced right.

Raiders are going to stockplile no matter what if they arent building, so less grind to stockpile makes for more rewarding gameplay.

From a dev standpoint, it my be significantly less work to change the currency 'dimishing returns' cap cap as opposed to changing the cost value of things systematically as whole (like the prestige update).

Lowering the cost achives a higher value of the currency, but feels less rewarding for the efforts.

Raising the cap doesnt guarantee more, but leaves it open to more effective play = more reward.

Right now 20 kills in a build is the same as 50 kills, and that doesnt feel good.

Destroying 600 traps is the same as destroying 200ish traps (in terms of synthite). Feels like wasted time and effort, especially if having died in a base 5+ times already.

Thanks for listening/reading.