Desync in co-op causes most of my deaths

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Whoever's not hosting is getting railed by the desync/performance problems. You move to a spot and in the next frame you're someplace completely different. The grapple takes you to the wrong place or randomly releases. Or you see yourself in one spot but the game treats you as if you're somewhere else.

The problem starts in the first co-op match, but it gets worse and worse with continued play. Or, if your first map is a big one or even a small one that's overflowing with traps/enemies/animated props, then then the game for the non-host is damn near unplayable and stays that way in all following raids until restarting the game.

Look at this. There's no way to play around this.

I am quite far above the Corrosive Cube, but the game decides that nah, I'm in the acid. I never see myself in there, it doesn't even do the grapple release I complained about in a different thread. I see myself in one place and at the same time the game is saying I'm somewhere else. And I'm immediately dead for it.

This is constantly getting my friend and I killed. Whoever's not hosting ends up becoming pretty miserable before finally rage quitting, turning the console off and refusing to play anymore for the day.

Platforms: PS4 and PS4 Pro

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