Rank changes

MadMoeZel Member Posts: 685

Ever since the removal of rank loss, raiding outposts has no value to me.

i have no desire to do anything related to raiding as i feel all the work i put in climbing was trivialized. an 8 year old with a broken hand on summer break could earn more rank failing horribly in every difficulty by blind luck finding easy bases than a dedicated brutal raider who has tons of experience and mechanical skill and runs brutal non-stop but has to work every day and look after their family.

it genuinely feels horrible.

i used to grind raids for hours on end, now i don't even want to bother for 20 minutes. i don't even need to unlock anything, i've got plenty of maps, i don't need resources for anything but i'd rather loot tombs than do raids with the way rank is currently set up.

bring back penalties for quitting, keep it at 0 for people who stick through the outpost and finish it. reward completion and persistence, punish giving up.