Go Back to Old Matchmaking

MadMoeZel Member Posts: 685

over 40 raids given out, across various difficulties, in solo and co-op over the course of 4 hours.

but i won't see 40 raids over the course of 24 even with 5 maps posted.

old matchmaking rewarded active players. i seriously have no reason to put time into the game.

my rank was devalued, my bases don't get anywhere near the amount of raids i'm putting out, i get my building tools removed for the sake of raiders when they openly abuse and exploit their own tools and nobody does a single thing about it. not one thing has been taken from raiders but builders keep having things taken left and right because of raider complaints.

600 hours. and because of raider attitudes getting builders punished i'm becoming jaded and spiteful.

stop catering to people who hunt free xp maps and cry about getting set back for being quitters. you gave them the tools to pick their own experience and preview the outposts, it's their fault if they didn't use them.

i average 12+hours a day, if i'm putting out 40+ in 4 hours that means i'm 120 raids a day when i'm going at it. guess what, i'm done. i don't need the resources from raids, i unlocked everything. my rank has no value since the fastest way to climb now is spam quitting anything you can't 1 shot and moving to somthing easier with no penalty. so the community can kiss those raids goodbye.

back on raid hiatus, i shouldn't be seeing 5 raids a day when i'm putting out as many as i am and spending as much time as i do. it's absolute horse manure.