What I THINK I know about "Sector 1: Dreadshore"

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This is a random, off topic post from a random, off topic MYM (Meet Your maker) fan. I just want to say that I am really looking forward to the next big update and sharing what I THINK will be a part of that. As well as lots and lots of speculation which may not lead to anything, but makes the time pass while I wait 😀

Early post-launch roadmap

March 30, 2023, MYM team published a roadmap on their website where they give us an overview of what we can expect in the update, Sector 1: Dreadshore coming June - and the previous two months before the big update. Based on this, we know that there will be:

  • 1 New Environment
  • 1 New Deco Pack
  • 4 New Gameplay Elements:
    • Custodian + Perks
    • Weapon + Upgrades
    • Trap + Mods
    • Guard + Augments

Speculations. And lots of it...

New Environment

So far we've had the pleasure of both building and raiding bases in the dead, hot, post-apocalyptic, Mad Max-inspired deserts of the Red Sands.

Based on the image above, color choice and name of the update, I think we can look forward to a completely opposite direction; damp, raw, dark blue/green colors. Or "teal" as the developers themselves hinted at in the previous AMA on Reddit.

Instead of bedrock with red-hot sand and machine remains, we find puddles with seaweed, kelp and the occasional cod taking its last breath.

Maybe it's just me (or the fact that I played DREDGE not long ago), but when I look at the picture I get a slightly Lovcraftian feeling about it. Not necessarily "monsters", but that helplessness. A custodian desperately trying to gain a foothold with water up to its chest, while the custodian - perhaps in vain as lasers have already been aimed - uses the lighthouse to guide the way. Maybe the lighthouse is just a decoy. Maybe it has been the downfall of countless custodians before. Maybe the lighthouse doesn't exist at all...

New Deco Pack

If the developers follow in the footsteps of the previous Deco Pack, "Hellscape", we can perhaps assume that we will get something like:

  • 2 Blocks (each available in 3 shapes)
  • 2 Props
  • 1 Animated Prop
  • 8 Decals

The good news about this is that those with a keen eye have maybe seen some of this already. If not you can find it here, Meet Your Maker | Launch Trailer on YT.

I'm already looking forward to building new bases with this look. I also think, with the relatively dark colors, that it will be even easier to hide traps in plain sight.

Apart from that, it's hard to guess which props, animated props and decals we'll get, but there are two things I can say 100% for sure:

  1. I know it's going to be really good and match the rest of the aesthetic in this update.
  2. If you are a developer from MYM reading this, log into Atlassian/Jira, create a task that you call "Be happy", create a branch and create an animated prop of a singing fish. Don't ask questions. Don't think. Just merge it in to master/main. No PR or anything. If after the next update I can see the horror in my raiders eyes as they are burned, blasted and speared while Bobby McFerrin resoundingly sings through my halls of death and misery, you have gained a customer for life. FOR LIFE!

New Gameplay Elements

Custodian + Perks

As several have already pointed out, including here, it can be assumed that our new custodian is the one in the picture. And I love the look! Looks like a deep sea diving suit also known as "copper hat" equipment and fits perfectly with the theme.

The combination of the red lights and the cup-shaped circles that protrude from the helmet are perhaps the modern form of peepholes that were on the old diving helmets. A way for our warrior clones to sense the outside world. Get the information they need to be able to act promptly in every situation.

As far as perks/biolinks are concerned, I'm not sure. We have two outstanding characters so far. Ironside who is an expert in all projectile based weapons. And Kamaitachi who is an expert in melee and speed. Maybe a defensive third character would have been good (also mentioned in the link above). In many ways, he has already got some of the vibes of Nautilus from League of Legends, so I wouldn't be shocked.

Weapon + Upgrades

I hope it's a harpoon, or an anchor like Nautilus, or a trident that even Poseidon himself would be jealous of. When I infiltrate someone's base, it's not a raid but whaling.

Trap + Mods

Once again, it seems like the developers have given us a little sneak peak of what's in store for us. You can see it for yourself here, Meet Your Maker | Tips & Tricks Trailer on YT.

The two traps that look a bit similar, on the first line are (from left to right) Plasma Sentinel and Iron Claw. The one who is pointed out on the second line, on the other hand, is not in the game.

To me, it almost looks like a lens and that might make some sense considering the picture at the top of this post. Where our brave custodian has 3 lasers pointing at him. Maybe this is some form of sniper turret?

Guard + Augments

*Crossing my fingers, closing my eyes tight and whisper to my self*: "Please let it be a mermaid, please let it be a mermaid, please let it be a mermaid…"

Final words

If you've read everything so far, I'd like to thank you for your time and if you have any thoughts and ideas yourself about the update, I look forward to reading your comment 😊 Have a nice day and take good care of your Chimera aka "The Pickle Queen" 🥒.