PS4 pro base isn't working after I refilled it

Devildog269r Member Posts: 2

I prestiged my base last night after midnight then when I got up to see my raids it shows my base inactive with no genmat but it didn't harvest any. It's like I never refilled it but I did. As a working gamer I barely have enough time to make enough synthite to keep my stuff going but I keep building way to much of the Red currency with nothing to spend it on that needs rebalanced. Also playbacks on PS4 pro lock up and jump forward plus all kinds of other weird stuff when you try to watch them. But playing till after midnight just to have it all wasted upset me a bit. I don't know why my base was never raided and didn't harvest any genmat yet ended up inactive and empty but honestly that is game breaking as hard as it is to make synthite even with stage 3 boost.

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