Free version of MYM (raiding only)

bsoames Unconfirmed, Member Posts: 1

Free version of MYM: I think it would be great if there was a free version of meet your maker where players could only raid and upgrade their weapons and raider (while level-building features are locked).

Rationale - I love building the levels and to me the whole game is geared towards level building. I mostly do raids in order to get ideas for new trap rooms and trap/enemy arrangements. I also raid simply to progress and gather materials so I can beef up the traps and enemies in my levels. I have the suspicion that many players who paid for the game are in this same situation. However, after making a map and leaving it up for 2-5 hours, I'll be lucky to get one raider coming through my level. It makes me think that players (like myself) are disproportionately spending their time making levels and not raiding other's levels. When I leave up a number of maps for hours only to see no one has raided them, it makes me wonder "why am I playing this game?" However, when I come back to see 2-3 people raided my level, I'm happy/excited to view the replays which helps me fine-tune my level creation and leads to me playing more.

So I think something that would be positive for the existing MYM community would be making a free-to-play version of the game where one can only raid. This would increase the number of raiders on maps, which would further incentivize the map-making players to continue making their levels and putting them online. It would also be a good way to introduce a new audience to the game that may also help increase sales. Even if there is a large population of free-to-play players online that never intend to buy the full version of the game, it would help motivate and encourage the players with the full version of the game to continue making maps, since their maps would get raided more often.

(the free-to-play version could also have daily caps or death caps for 24 hour periods, which could still help solve the problem of people not raiding maps, but further incentivize increased sales and a more robust user-base)

Just a thought