Enhancing Meet Your Maker: Weekly Challenges, Rewards, and Community Engagement

rootisonfire Member Posts: 38

Dear Developers and fellow Meet Your Maker players,

I wanted to share some feedback and suggestions to further enhance the replayability and rewards in our beloved game. These ideas aim to provide more incentives for players, encourage base design creativity, and foster healthy competition. Let's dive in!

  1. Map Favoriting: It would be fantastic if players had the option to favorite a map they have just accomplished. By doing so, if the map ever goes into the "social" rotation, players can easily try it again and see if any modifications have been made since their last attempt. This feature would allow us to revisit and appreciate the evolution of maps over time, fostering a sense of community and shared experiences. Perhaps in the social menu there could be a way for players to see the top 10 favored maps. The maps with the most favorited will appear here. As players remove it from their favorite list, it may drop and others take their spot.
  2. Weekly Challenges: To incentivize base design and engage the player community, we could introduce weekly "Base of the Week" that are chosen through player voting from the week prior. These levels could be categorized as the "most brutal" and "most tedious" bases created by our talented player base. By involving the community in selecting these levels, we encourage active participation and provide recognition for outstanding base designs.
  3. Unique Rewards for Accomplishments: To make these weekly challenges even more exciting, we can offer unique rewards for players who accomplish specific feats. For example, players who complete the "most brutal" base with the fewest deaths or solve the "most tedious" base in the shortest time could earn special rewards. This not only adds a layer of challenge but also encourages players to strategize and improve their skills.
  4. Ranking System: Implementing a ranking system that tracks players' performance on the weekly levels would add a competitive element to the game. Keeping a record of who solved a level the fastest and with the fewest deaths provides a leaderboard for players to strive for the top position. This ranking system would motivate players to keep improving their strategies and compete with others in a friendly and engaging environment. They could see how they scored at the end of the run and decide whether they wish to try again and improve their rank or move on.
  5. Top Ranked Rewards: To recognize the achievements of our top-performing players on weekly challenges, we could provide unique rewards at the end of each week. For example, the top three ranked players on the leaderboard could receive standard bonus treasure, exclusive in-game items, special customization options, or even bragging rights like their new bases having a unique Icon next to it for a month. These rewards would not only showcase the dedication and skill of the players but also add an element of prestige to their accomplishments.

I hope these suggestions resonate with both the development team and the community. They aim to enhance replayability, encourage creativity, and foster healthy competition within Meet Your Maker. Together, we can continue to make this game even more enjoyable and engaging for all players.

Thank you for your hard work and dedication to creating an exceptional gaming experience.