Categorizing Social Bases: Enhancing Challenge and Rewards in Meet Your Maker!

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Dear Developers and Meet Your Maker community,

I would like to propose an exciting feature that rewards base builders and raiders based on three different tiers of base designs. Additionally, I suggest introducing the option for base builders to categorize their creations and allowing raiders to agree or disagree with these categorizations. Let's delve into the details:

  1. Categories and Categorization:
    1. You Won't Survive: Base builds that emphasize traps and are designed to be near impossible for the unskilled.
    2. Don't Get Lost: Base builds that emphasize mazes, making them frustrating but not impossible.
    3. Explore: Base builds that emphasize awe-inspiring designs without strictly focusing on a specific category.
  2. Rewarding Base Builders:
    1. No Penalties for Impossible Builds: Base builders should not be penalized for creating seemingly impossible builds. Instead, raiders should have the option to test these bases themselves and challenge their own skills.
    2. Rewarding Correct Assessments: If raiders confirm that a base is indeed impossible, both the base builder and raider should receive rewards based on the number of attempts made. This encourages active engagement and testing.
  3. Creative Category:
    1. Moderate Rewards: The creative category offers bases with a balanced blend of deadliness, maze elements, and awe-inspiring design. Raiding these bases yields an average reward, neither favoring completion time nor raider deaths, similar to the current map rewards.
  4. Rewarding Raiders with a Individual Base Rank System:
    1. Deadly: Raiders' rank are based on the number of times they die while attempting a deadly base.
    2. Tedious: Raiders' rank is based on the time it takes them to complete a tedious base, considering all successful completions.
    3. Letting the Base Builders assign a reward: Let the base builder spend a chosen amount of parts or something for players to aim to earn for completing their base. The higher the spend, the more likely you will get more raiders.
    4. Let Raiders Sort Base Builds by Reward Amounts.
    5. Raider's Wager: Let a raider wager if they can beat your base under a flat timeframe or under a certain amount of deaths within a time frame. If they lose, the builder gets the wagers parts/synth.
    6. Giving up reward: Let the Raider give up without completing a base but still rate the base: they can choose to acknowledge the builders designs, receive a small reward based on the number of attempts or time spent, depending on the category, despite not finishing it.
  5. Rating System and Misinformation:
    1. Rating as Misinformation: If a base builder intentionally misinforms raiders to trick them, raiders should have the ability to rate it as "Misinformation." This warns other visitors about the number of times it has been classified as misinformation. Don't miscategorize your designs or you may have less visitors!
    2. Marking as Good to Go: For every successful completion without marking it as misinformation, raiders can mark the base as "Good to Go!" This indicates that the base is legitimate and enhances its reputation.

These suggestions aim to reward both base builders and raiders based on the category of base design and encourage fair play within the game.