Outpost Buff Station

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The outpost buff station would be an added interface at the tower where HRV spawns. from the tower the raider can activate optional boosts provided by the outpost owner

for the raider this could mean things like having an automatically recharging shield that absorbs a fatal blow every minute, refilling munitions over time, increased speed, or any number of other boosting effects.

The builder would then be given additional capacity to use on their base directly related to which buffs they have enabled at the station. for the challenge raider these boosts are optional and provide them with an outpost with more dangerous content at the same difficulty as always with the option to step up their power as they go.


  • Diamondchampion
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    Maybe one of the challenges is to play the map using certain weapons...

  • MadMoeZel
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    that would be a difficulty increase the raider can self impose, i'm looking for things that make the base 'easier' to handle while giving more content to blast through.

  • rootisonfire
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    How about a bonus that gives raiders double ammunition in exchange reducing the cost of mods by 50%. This would make adding significant more mods to traps or more traps in conjunction to the map possible, so the added ammunition would be for destroying more stuff.

    How about a bonus that gives raiders a free revive at the start in exchange for a 10% cost for all traps and mods. This would give the builder a 10% increase in capacity, so a 3k capacity base now has 3300. And as they prestige this value would grow with it. So 3200 would then be 3520. Etc.

    How about a bonus that gives raiders permanent speed stim boost and 50% longer arc shield duration in exchange for the base builder getting 2 free of each type of trap. After which capacity would be consumed. Thats the normal amount of traps plus about 18 traps, phew, but he raiders get a permanent speed boost and shield duration would could make speed runs even more exciting.

    How about a bonus that gives raiders explosive bolts (think mini grenades firing) that slowly regenerate instead of collecting them and a faster sword and sledgesword swing rate, and in exchange reducing the cost of guards by 50% so that base builders can build larger maps with more carnage and run and gun excitement.

    Just throwing some ideas out there.

  • MadMoeZel
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    thanks for the ideas. i think the increases to capacity would balance easier as static increases. allowing them to stack without a need for applying math beyond addition to the outpost, should be easier to code also since there wouldn't be variance in the capacity provided.