Idea for 2 new weapons and 2 consumable equipments

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New Weapon Ideas

Quantum Manipulator

The Quantum Manipulator is a futuristic weapon that harnesses advanced technology to manipulate projectiles and turn them against the attackers. When activated, it creates a temporary energy field around the user, capable of catching incoming projectiles mid-air (bolts and plasma). This field converts the captured projectiles into powerful energy blasts that can be launched back at enemies, effectively turning their own attacks against them.

The Quantum Manipulator acts as both a type of shield and a weapon, providing the wielder with defensive capabilities while also allowing for counterattacks. It is particularly effective against bolts and plasma-based projectiles, as the energy field can absorb and redirect their power. However, it is weak against melee attacks, as the energy field is not designed to withstand physical blows, and fire can overwhelm and destabilize the device. It will just pass through its energy.

One unique ability of the Quantum Manipulator is its ability to catch chain traps and use them as offensive tools. By intercepting the chain trap with the energy field, the Quantum Manipulator can redirect and launch the trap back at guards. This causes them to get pulled into the trap instead, giving the user an advantage in disabling or restraining enemies. But skill will be involved!

Temporal Disruptor

The Temporal Disruptor is a revolutionary device that manipulates time and space to alter and destabilize reality. When activated, it emits a focused beam that creates a localized temporal distortion field at whatever it hits. Effectively it's like a traditional "ice" affect that freezes a targets response time for a period.

The primary function of the Temporal Disruptor is to slow down the movement and response time of guards. When aimed at guards charging towards the user, the device emits a freezing effect that reduces their speed, allowing the user to gain distance or maneuver more easily. It also affects the guards' response time, giving the user a brief advantage in combat or evasion. When it disrupts it has an Area of Effect, so multiple guards can be hit if they are bunching up together.

In addition to affecting guards, the Temporal Distorter can be used strategically on traps. Instead of destroying the trap outright, the device emits a time-altering beam that slows down the trigger mechanism. This grants the user extra time to bypass the trap safely while it triggers at a slower rate. Since the device has an area of effect, if aimed right, it can hit multiple targets that are stacked next to each other depending on where you place your shot.

New Equipment Ideas

Chimera Serum (Consumable)

The Chimera Serum is a consumable substance that provides temporary fire resistance. When injected into your suit's integrated systems, it triggers a molecular enhancement process that strengthens your armor's thermal insulation properties. This renders your entire body superheat resistant, allowing you to traverse fiery environments unscathed for a limited duration. However, the serum's effects disrupt the functionality of the grappling hook and zipline systems within your suit, slowing down the response time to fire. This limitation requires strategic planning and adaptation to alternative traversal methods while benefiting from fire immunity.

Aegis Blood (Consumable)

The Aegis blood is a consumable substance that strengthens your armor, making it impervious to most forms of damage except fire and plasma. When injected into your suit's integrated systems, it super reinforces the structural integrity of your armor, creating an impenetrable barrier against direct melee attacks, bolts, impalers, and smashing traps. However, the amplification process increases the weight of your suit, creating a gravitational force that restricts your jumping ability and slows down your movement. Additionally, the enhanced armor becomes more susceptible to heat transfer, making you vulnerable to fire and plasma attacks.

By combining the effects of the Chimera Serum and Aegis Amplifier, you can maintain limited mobility instead of the restricted area of a Shield's protection. The Chimera Serum provides fire resistance, while the Aegis Amplifier fortifies your armor against most forms of damage. The grappling hook remains unfunctional, due to the Chimera Serum. It's important to note that the combined protection is not impervious to corrosive elements or the corrosive qualities of napalm. These substances can eat through the suit's defenses and cause harm if you do not move quickly enough. Making the need for them in base designs more important. Stimpacks can be used in conjunction with the Aegis Amplifier to counteract the movement restrictions and improve zipline response time, but jumping remains disabled.

This balanced approach ensures that while you possess increased defense and resistance, you must carefully consider movement trade-offs, be mindful of corrosive elements, and maintain swift mobility to avoid being overcome by fire-related threats.

Did I miss anything you think that should be considered to keep them balanced?


What do you think of these two weapons and two equipment ideas? And do you have any suggestions for new weapon and equipment?