Driving Exploration and Raiding: Incentives for Adventure and Plunder

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In this discussion, I aim to address the prevalent issue raised by numerous individuals in various discussions within the community. The focus is on creating additional incentives for raiding and exploration in the game. It has been observed that many players are primarily engaged in building their own mazes and patiently waiting for raiders, resulting in a surplus of materials and a reduced need for raiding. Consequently, this has led to a decline in raiders visiting different bases, diminishing the overall engagement and excitement of the game.

Rare Loot: Encouraging Exploration and Raiding

To rectify this situation, I propose exploring ideas that encourage raiders to regularly visit various bases, even those belonging to players who already possess ample materials. This can be achieved through the introduction of additional rewards, competitive elements, and cooperative gameplay mechanics.

One potential incentive is the inclusion of rare loot. Special tombs or treasure chambers could sporadically appear on a map, indicated by a distinct color on the tomb. These tombs would only become accessible after a certain amount of time has passed since the map was initiated and only after someone has collected the GenMat treasure. This approach encourages raiders to fully explore and complete the map before embarking on a search for the valuable treasures within the tombs. The rare loot can consist of exclusive skins, decorations, or base unlocks, offering raiders unique rewards and motivating them to explore different bases.

Revamping Raid Stats / Showing Raid Stats Publicly

By implementing a system that tracks the number of successful raids on a player's map prior to visiting it, to how many started and gave up, raider engagement can be increased. Maps with no recorded raids could potentially yield higher chances of obtaining rare loot, although not guaranteed. This approach motivates raiders to visit bases that have not been raided yet, fostering exploration and rewarding the efforts of base designers.

Bonuses for GenMat Bases Low on GenMat or Overdriving

Furthermore, offering bonuses on certain bases could boost raiders' interest in visiting them. If the system detects a base that has not been raided and is running low on GenMat or has been set to (overdrive), it could mark the base as providing double materials or experience points for a limited time. This incentive encourages raiders to prioritize visiting such bases, even if they are not currently working on acquiring specific resources. The time-limited bonus creates urgency and increases the chances of raiders exploring and engaging with different bases.

In conclusion, by implementing these proposed ideas, we can effectively address the issue of dwindling raiding activity and encourage a more vibrant and dynamic gameplay experience. These incentives, such as Rare Loot, revamped Raid Stats / Showing Raid Stats Publicly, and bonuses on Bases Low on GenMat or Overdriving, aim to motivate raiders to explore and raid different bases regularly, revitalizing the raiding and exploration aspects of the game.