Neutral parties/Ancient Dangers

GhastlySkull Member Posts: 1

What could be interesting to see is a system where after you get to a certain Chimera/Player you are able to unlock unique type of plots, that would have a neutral party in it that could attack builders traps or guards, in close proximity, and raiders. The higher the level of the Player/Chrimera the more unique/complex/challenging they become. When looking for a plot to purchase, these plots would have an additional symbol for ancient dangers this symbol will also be visable for raiders. These can provide rewards for incorpating it inside a build and for raiders can drop synthite, parts, and genes.

Some things an Ancient danger can be:

  1. Boss Enemy
  2. Infected Sub - Clones
  3. Mutant Wildlife


Builder Side ideas:

Incorprating it would allow for use of a unique decor pack inside the outpost

Ancient Dangers after getting a certain amount of kills can have a tier upgrade(or a tec tree upgrade)


Raider Side Ideas:

Rewards materials after killing the danger

Gives extra XP (At least 100xp)