second wave holo bug

toaru Member, Alpha Surveyor Posts: 7

traps that hug (0 M from it)second wave holo get triggered, but they are solid so no real damage

some bombs even got up somehow

here you can see the flame

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  • WraithReaper74
    WraithReaper74 Member Posts: 45

    I can confirm this as well, traps deploy behind the holo with 2nd wave without any damae thankfully. They worked fine before the update.

    ZEBREUS Member Posts: 6

    Also can confirm this bug, first experienced it with a bolt shot triggering behind a second wave Holocube, confused the crap out of me.

    Second experience was in the same raid/base, a flame trap triggered behind ceiling second wave Holocube above a ramp, the flame trap had Napalm mod enabled on it and was able to damage me despite the trap triggering making zero sound and had invisable flames, only the napalm would appear on the ramp with no sound when i moved across the ramp and had i stood still it would definately had killed me.

  • Koloko
    Koloko Member, Mod, Alpha Surveyor Posts: 39

    Thanks for flagging this, and thank you everyone else for adding details! The team is on it on high priority, and we're going to do a hotfix to resolve this as soon as we have a solution locked in.